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App description: ABE (Amorphous Biological Entity) is ready for testing. Take control of ABE and guide through a series of treacherous tests!

ABE is a puzzle platformer featuring a happy little amorphous thing who was accidentally created in a lab. No big whoop, happens all the time. Now it's up to you to guide ABE through his lab tests and keep him safe.

Alternate between his 3 states to complete each test:

Feature Highlights:
* Innovative new platformer featuring ABE, an experimental Amorphous Biological Entity
* ABE can instantly change his physical state at will
* Help ABE figure out how to exploit his abilities to pass the 45 lab tests
* ABE can assume his Balloon-state, Ball-state, or Rock-state
* Filled with air, friendly ABE's cheeks puff out in Balloon-state
* Elastic, sleek, and bouncy in Ball-state, ABE wears a wide smile
* Hard, heavy, and immovable, Rock-ABE grimaces
* Highly original puzzles test the player's ingenuity in using ABE's abilities to reach the exit

Now hurry, these tests need to be completed A.S.A.P.

DeadlySeriousMedia's comments:

Very excited to announce the first big release from Deadly Serious Media! ABE is the result of a 2 week Game Jam that took first in all but 1 category. If you've got time get it now!

These are for you
11-01-2012, 05:04 PM
Joined: Sep 2012
Posts: 26

Many thanks - will let you know what i think

Just played to level 19 and it's been fun so far. The graphics are good and there are some nice physics there (which could be used a lot more I reckon) - like on level 16, it was quite fun with the boxes dropping down all over the place

Just one thing regarding controls tho, I like what you did with the morphing control but I found it a bit tricky morphing back and forth to the different shapes quickly - having all three morph buttons on screen at the same time would make morphing feel more natural and fun for most people I think.

Apart from that it's a pretty solid game with some challenging puzzles - keep up the good work!

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11-01-2012, 10:36 PM
Joined: Jul 2012
Location: Arizona
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Yeah, I'm getting that feedback about the controls quite a bit. I think when I update I'm going to let people choose controls before they start.

Thanks for the feedback, glad you like the game!

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