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Behind the scenes of the all so ordinary zoo there is an underground movement of animals who are fed up with being caged and stared at every day by humans. The animal resistance movement has arranged escape routes all over the zoo for the animals to use, but the zoo staff suspects that the animals are up to something and keep their eyes open at all time for odd behaviors.

Your job is to help the animals escape from the zoo by leading them to freedom without getting caught by the zoo keeper. The animals can move one step at the time in four directions. For every step the animal takes the zoo keeper takes two. The zoo keeper isn't very smart though so he always tries to go the shortest way (as the crow flies). Different animals have different capabilities that can be used to their advantages to lead the zoo keeper on to the wrong trail.


Try to go the shortest way possible and you will be rewarded with perfect ZOO ratings
The keeper always prefers to walk vertical before he walks horizontal


***Hank the Hippo***
Hank can swim over water obstacles while the zoo keeper do not want to get his uniform wet.

***Miranda the Monkey***
Miranda can climb trees while the zoo keeper stands on the ground looking up.

***Mike the Mole***
Mike can dig under rocks while the zoo keeper stays above ground wondering where he went.

***Patricia the Penguin***
Patricia can walk on ice as if it was grass while the zoo keeper and all the other animals slides over it out of control. Standing on ice Patricia can not be caught.


4 unique characters to choose from
40 tricky levels designed to puzzle your mind
Fun and easy instructions so that you can get a grip of the game faster
Multiple ways to complete levels with different ratings as a result
5 free Skip level features for those super tricky levels so that you can keep playing
In App Purchase Skip level packs for more keys to unlock levels you havent completed


Zoo Escape is created by Creative Fingerprints
Design, Animation and programming by Antonio Rizzo
Soundtrack and effects by Johan Lagercrantz

11-05-2012, 04:44 PM
This game is free tomorrow!

Check it out and tell me what you think!