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Review Fitness for iPad and win $25!

10-30-2012, 08:09 AM
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Review Fitness for iPad and win $25!

Review our app and win a $25 iTunes gift card!

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And the winners are MuMiN and dreadnok!

Thanks to all of you guys, take part again!

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10-30-2012, 08:13 AM
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sorry i don't want to pay 2$

10-30-2012, 08:45 AM
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But you could win $25... It's up to you, anyway
10-30-2012, 11:22 AM
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Reviewed as Rokrdude2 on U.S. appstore

The Only Fitness app you will ever need!
Fitness for iPad app includes the functionality of 4 different apps- Calorie counter, Body tracker, Pedometer and Fitness exercises/ Yoga.

The Calorie Counter keeps track of your daily goals by calculating the calories intake via its gigantic food library and categorizing it into carbohydrates, protein and fats and use this information for giving various suggestions for achieving your goals. Body tracker keeps track of your B.M.I while the pedometer which comes with custom music player tracks distance travelled and calories burnt and represents it in form of various charts and graphs. Finally the best thing I like about this app is availability of various workout modes combined with over hundreds of Fitness exercises and Yoga poses with audio and video instructions in this app.

Some of the features I would like to see as a future update are:-
1) As the app contains so many features, I would love to see some kind of demo tutorial showing how to use the app effectively for new users.
2) Also would love if the user could get the premium contents for free for a limited time so that could try and see the difference.
3) Finally would love some pre made workout plans based on the time user has like 15,30,45 and 60 min so that user can quickly try the workouts

With so many features it is a must have app for every Fitness enthusiasts.

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10-30-2012, 03:00 PM
reviewed as lopatiyi
It has lots of advantages like beautiful design that looks great on iPad, calorie counter, daily activity tracker, rich exercise database, and ability to ask support on any subject. As a result this app is all-in tool that helps you to keep fit and stay healthy. Beautiful User Interface make it easy to use so even newbie can understand how it works. But it has the only minus: because of big amount of exercises size of all media is around 1Gb, I think it will be better if users have chance to download pictures and videos separately like in previous iPhone versions (and trick for developers, instead of record long videos you can shoot short 3 second clips and repeat them, i think it will reduce the size by half or more). Concerning minor improvements please add Retina Display Support, Ability to change language manually and more Calculators like Body Fat Calculator and Total Daily Energy Expenditure calc.
10-31-2012, 01:25 AM
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Reviewed as danielfanu on the US store.

When I saw the first screenshot, I guess I've been turned up.

After using the iPhone version for sometime I'm impressed. It is awesome, the best fitness app I've ever used. So I decide to try the iPad version. Like the iPhone version it includes thousands of fitness and yoga exercises and workouts. Each of them come with detailed text, photo and video instructions which could ensure you do each exercise correctly. All these contents are in HD quality. With several build-in tools it can calculate calorie, track my body. The new UI is well designed, I like it although it is a little complicated for me. The preset workouts are good and enough for me. It would be better if it could be updated from time to time. It now became the only workout app in my iPad.
Awesome, finally all logs could be exported. Thank you.
Overall, it’s definitely a great app that is worth your every penny, nice job!! Highly recommended.

Something needs to be improved:

1. It would be better if I could setup a reminder in the app to remind me to fill new data of my body in the Body tracker. I always forgot to fill it. And of course it would be better if it could sync with the Calendar app like the reminder of Trainning Plan do.
2. I'm a lazy guy. I ate almost the same food every day. Can you provide a way to duplicate the foods of some day in the past from breakfast to snacks so that I don't have to select them all over again.
3. Can you provide an option to select background music when I'm doing the workouts?
4. Hope it could support the new iPad in the future updates.
10-31-2012, 01:34 AM
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Reviewed as Mohaimin Zack in US AppStore

Live healthy and shape your body with this Fitness app. Fitness is very useful and great app! Recommended for those who want to keep their body strong and healthy!

With 700 videos and exercises plus 300 yoga videos. You follow the exercise via audio, picture or video. Keep track your BMI and stay fit & healthy. With this app you wont need a personal trainer and go often to the gym. Use it everywhere, in your house, outdoor or recreational place.

Let keeps our life healthier and love ourself.

Would like to see an upgrade improvement to make this app better.
a) User can choose their level, eg. Beginner, Intermediate, Advance in their profile. And the workout that shown would be sync with their level and gender. So they wont need to choose their workout again.
b) Give a few full magazine article and the user could print out the magazine article.
c) User can took and save a picture of them before and after using the Fitness app. So they can make the comparison physically from the picture. A gallery menu maybe could be use for store the image.
d) Mini dictionary description about the body part, muscle or any gym/workout term. So that the beginner user could understand more.
e) Let the user choose a music from their music to listen while using the app.

Overall this is a great app!
11-01-2012, 11:33 PM
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Reviewed as dreadnok

My Sandy Proof Workout!

I live in New Jersey and we just has a major storm that left many without power and other basic items the last time this happened I gained around 10lbs from sitting at home eating everything in sight.
Not this time! I was able to use this app for my home gym workouts and have been able to keep the weight off with it's help.I saw a lot of reviews complaining about paying more but the fact is the content provided for free is more than enough for anybody serious about fitness and everything else is extra icing on top, so you decide,pay extra for the premium offerings or stick with the ample supply of content that given free.

This is really a fantastic app,with 100s of great exercises plus new workouts added constantly,it features the ability to share them with friends, a fitness magazine(premium content),you can cater the exercise to your gender,and now many different languages are available, and if you prefer you can now have the exercises in a PDF form as well.

By downloading the content you will give yourself instant access to all the great workouts on the go. Quick Recipes give you tailored workouts based on .Goal Level or Gender while Personal Trainer allows you to enter data to have them create a fitness routine for you.

Besides that you still get a video audio and text to teach you each exercise plus the pictures then you also still have that great X-ray pictures showing exactly which muscles are worked with the exercises .
Some great improvement have been made(audio and video added to yoga) but these are what I think are still missing

1)I still wish the audio and video was combined or at least have the complete audio and not have the video play with the ending audio.
2) I also think there should have a warm up section to get your blood flowing before you start include stuff like jumping jacks running in place etc
3)They should offer at least one magazine free to let us know exactly what we would be getting with out subscription.

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11-05-2012, 06:40 AM
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Guys, you still have a chance to enter the contest and win not $25, but $30! Hurry up, the winners will be announced tomorrow! And please make sure you review the LATEST update of the app, otherwise your reviews are not seen on the App Store.
11-05-2012, 11:35 AM
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Reviewed as MarcFizzy on the US Appstore.

Get Fit With Fitness for iPad

Fitness for iPad is an amazing app. This certainly the best fitness app on app store. The app looks extremely polished. And it has an unbelievably huge collection of videos and images. (It has 700+ exercises for men and women & 50 yoga poses with more than 700 video clips!)

With such a detailed database, surely you will get the correct form. I really like the clear voice instruction. That just makes my workout much easier. The videos are accurate. Besides, you can track a lot of useful information (distance, duration, weight, etc) about each of your session.

Moreover, the app has several other professional utilities, namely, Calorie Counter, Body Tracker & BMI.

The body tracker is amazing, it allows you to visualize your progress in the form of beautiful graphs, and it even allow you to take photos. With body tracker I am sure I will be motivated everyday!!!

The food tracker is equally important. It help you to monitor the food you eat. And that's important, isn't it? So that will help you to find what food will really help your workouts.

But I do has some suggestions:

1. iCloud, universal profile, and intergration

I appreciate the sign in with Facebook feature. But still, I hope an iCloud sync option will be available soon. I know this can be tricky. But it will not only make this this app a lot better, it will benefit all Viaden health apps. It's kind of frustrating that you have to set up profile everytime when you open a app from the same developer. I expect I can have a universal profile once and for all. For example, when I did workouts (following All-in Fitness), I can know how much calorie I burnt in Calorie Counter.

I think sync needs to be done automatically as well. It's more convenient for users. A universal profile can help better intertergrate all these health app together. Not only users who use more than one of these health app will be grateful for this, I think it will also help Viaden building its brand.

2. Better loading

This is a minor problem. Especially if you have downloaded the content and uploaded it to the app, it won't be problem even if the Wi-Fi connection is bad in the gym. But I notice when you are training and switching to the next exercise (when the rest is over), the app will start to download content like pictures immediately, and it slows things down. This loading circle won't be necessary if the app starts to download the picture for the next exercise when you are doing the previous exercise. I hope the app will handle downloading in a more efficient way.

And I think there might be a bug in this version. Now the loading can be very slow, much slower than I had expereinced in previous versions. It just say Please, wait...and it don't download anything. I have to download alll the content in Pref.

3. More intuitive UI

The app has a very polished UI. But sometimes it looks quite confusing. When you choose from the quick recipes, the users might not notice the categorization because it looks too dark. I think if add a icon for each categorization, it will be more intuitive for new users.

The new "Share your own programs" clutters with the photo in vertical mode. And the interface of "Food & Body Tracker" need to be more streamlined. And I hope the app can offer a demo tutorial for new users.

When you are in workout session, the interface does not arrange all the information very clearly. I do not think putting the Timer icon on the right side of the screen is not a good idea. (I didn't very quickly find it.) First the timer icon should be bigger. Because it is actually a very important feature. Second, I think the row of icons (audio, movie, muscle, timer) should be put beneath the workout instruction image like this. I think if you rearrange these elements, it will make more sense. Because, first, a user should carefully read all the detailed instruction. Then he looks at the image, and he will get the general idea what the workout is like. If he still doesn't know how to do it, he can watch the video, (which he will not do it every time). And for me, then I will listen to the audio instruction and do my exercises. And finally I will tap the timer (So please make it bigger!).

If a image zoom up, you have to tap within the image, so it can go back to normal size. I hope I can tap anywhere on the screen and it will go back to normal size. I believe this practice is more common in iOS development.

4. Retina support for the new iPad

This is urgent! If iPad 4 is out this September, no Retina support will be a big probelm for this app.

5. I hope I can play some workout music within the app.

6. Can you add some kind of social network with GPS tracking, like "find my gym buddy" in this app? So I can get know other guys who use this app around me and we can talk and exchange tips. I think that will be fun.

Anyway, this is a powerful and professional fitness app! Thank you for making such an amazing app!