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$15x3 US iTunes Gift Card - Just Review the FREE & No Ad App: Scarlet Helsing

10-31-2012, 11:12 PM
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$15x3 US iTunes Gift Card - Just Review the FREE & No Ad App: Scarlet Helsing

The Contest Is Now Closed !!!

<The Winners>

Congratulations!!! and Thanks for You All for Participating!

To Winners : Please check private message!!! ^^

To win a $15 iTunes App Store Gift Card just for reviewing "Scarlet Helsing" simply follow these steps:

1. Download the free app: Scarlet Helsing

2. Check it out and write an honest review on the App Store with your improvement ideas and suggestions.

3. Reply to this thread, with your iTunes review name

The authors of the 3 best reviews (and we don't mean honey-dripping-"get it as soon as you can" reviews!) will get $15 iTunes gift cards!

The winners will be announced in this post on 6 November!

Don't miss your chance to win!

Good luck and thanks for your support!

**Game Features**
Speedy, easy, flashy and addictive “Maritime chase action game”
Chase vampire ghost ship and defeat vampire.
Sidekick comes out and fights together when you touch item box.
Weapons can be upgraded with collected coins and you can enjoy game with various characters!
Compete against others and beat them by chasing the vampire ghost ship farther.
- Tilt control
- Realistic 3D ocean effect
- Characteristic background with 4 levels
- Convenient and thrilling combat
- Variety of weapons
- Variety of items
- Retina Display

Youtube link | Pop Up

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10-31-2012, 11:35 PM
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Thanks for the contest.downloading the app now.will leave a review soon


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10-31-2012, 11:54 PM
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Reviewed as Heliotropist on the US app store.

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11-01-2012, 12:09 AM
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I reviewed in the US App Store as mkpred .here's my review :

First of all the idea behind this game isn't implemented all that well.From the looks of the icon I believed I would be a vampire who wants to suck blood or I have to kill vampires like those zombie slaying games but when I played the game first I was a bit surprised , didn't turn out to be exactly what I expected.Here you are chasing ,I think , a ship while it shoots cannons and you try to avoid them and at the same time attacking skulls.It would have been better if you we're attacking vampires.Plus when I played the game on "eazy" I expected to get notified either with some sound or cross markers just nano seconds before the cannon was shot.There is a sound of shooting the cannon just as the cannon flies towards you and there really isn't much time to adjust.I am not complaining about its difficulty just that a first time player should know what he is facing.There are four difficulty levels in the game so the suggested crosshair can be removed as one progresses , alongside adding some new challenges.This game is free and surprisingly ad free so definitely there are IAPs.Till now I wasn't forced to get any IAP and it seems there isn't much need at the moment either unless you want your name on the top of the leader board for which you might buy extra lives with real money.One thing that disappointed me that this potential game hasn't been optimized for iPad.I had to zoom to read properly which obviously distorted the images and it didn't look nice but the graphics don't seem to the highest point anyways.The sound at the main menu suits the game as it is based in the ocean chasing a ship and the sound sounds realistic.All in all its not really what I expected but after playing for sometime I kind of enjoyed playing it with its smooth controls and most importantly it didn't crash despite it not being iPad optimized.My basic suggestions would be to add Game Center achievements since you guys already have game centre leader board .optimise the game for iPad and add a few better loot items while in the ocean.This game could be better with a few tweaks here and there , will be waiting for the next update.

Thanks for the contest and good luck to all.



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11-01-2012, 02:49 AM
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Reviewed as Jenei Arnold.

P.S.It would be a great birthday gift to me (7th of November).

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11-01-2012, 10:19 AM
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Reviewed as Seva Cable on US AppStore.
My review isn't as good as mkpred's but I still hope to win. Besides, my birthday is on the 6th!!
11-02-2012, 11:32 AM
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Reviewed as Megalit1234
"Before I downloaded the game, I looked through the screenshots. Honestly, graphics haven't impressed me, but I downloaded app anyway. When I launched the app I was surprised, because, despite of poor graphics, the game is really addicting. I liked it, but the game still has bunch of minuses.
I'll start with pluses: addicting gameplay, BGM matches game genre(but it should be more hard on hard level), cool weapon upgrades, cool character skins.
Minuses: poor animations and menus(monotonous interface, simple skull explosions, skulls don't have any animation, cannon balls look like glazed candies(I think that they should have fire core or smth like that); using sidekick makes playing even harder, because it's harder to notice incoming cannonballs with it), no achievements.
To sum up, this is nice game with a great and addicting game idea. But on the other hand, game needs polished interface and more smoother animations."
11-02-2012, 05:30 PM
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I have edited my review on the AppStore, after having played the game extensively.
11-02-2012, 09:56 PM
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reviewed by ipad3weather
11-03-2012, 07:31 AM
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I'm on the USA store as Jfilesguy.
Review is here

Okay. There are two kinds of apps that drive people crazy. Freemium and Cheap games with no love put in at all. This is free, but not mium. This is a little cheap on the production value side, but still it has a nice soul. So, if you want to make your home screen larger, add this game, you'll be happy you did.