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App description: Test your shooting skills.

Range Master is the best touch/tilt controlled target shooting game you can play. Using careful testing the sensitivity has been adjusted so mimic the variance found when aiming a real gun. For added realism the game uses a sliding motion to fire the gun. This sliding motion is configurable. You can set the trigger pull length to be the same as your favorite real gun.

Put this all together and what you have is an app that helps train you for breathing and muscle control as well as maintaining your aim while you pull the trigger.

Added features include the wild shot which is triggered by lifting your finger off the screen vice pulling the trigger. Two fun game modes are included. Unlimited time to aim and fire six shots for the best possible score and a timed 20 second mode to fire the same six shots.

Want to show off your high score? Sure can as the game keeps tracks and even includes per bullet scoring so you can see which which ones were incredible shots or something you would rather forget.

Simengie's comments:
Check out Range Master. A target practice app for your iPhone. Innovate controls allows the app help you train muscle control and breathing technique for firearm shooting while playing a game on your iPhone.