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12-20-2013, 02:30 AM
Legend of Monsters

12 December 2013
The creatures from Legend of Monsters are barging onto the App Store with a special Beta Gift Box!

Today Teeplay Interactive Ltd. released the beta of Legend of Monsters, an iOS adventure game which takes place on the magical planet of Eden. The game, free to download, has been in development for over two years and already features more than 20,000 players in Asia.

To celebrate the beta the first 1000 players will receive a precious Gift Box by using the following code: 8CA8F0. We invite everyone to spread it around!

The beta version serves game optimisation and will initially only be available in the UK App Store. Teeplay is seeking a large amount of beta testers for Legend of Monsters due to the game’s size, diversity and interactive functions.

Legend of Monsters Gameplay
Players will be able to breed, train and battle with more than 90 monsters whilst following a unique storyline with more than 100 levels. Battles will feature customisable formations of up to 9 positions and can be fought offline or online against friends in the Arena. Players may also visit their friends’ towns to help them out and receive rewards.
A special breeding system allows players to create rarer and more powerful monsters. High definition graphics and specially designed sounds for each monster enhance gameplay. More than one hundred accessories are available to decorate monster towns. Frequent players will receive benefits, including in-game currency and battle items.

Legend of Monsters App Store link: http://lnk8.cn/E5wJp4
Beta Newsletter Sign-up: http://eepurl.com/JLJcr
Twitter: @LoMtheGame
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/legend.monsters

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