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Default Dungelot 3

Just checked my FB and noticed a post from Dungelot showing in my news feed saying a look at D3 characters, some may look familiar.


Looks as if it's going back similar to D1 maybe?
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Interesting. Nice find bro.

I think if they put a little of the first one and a little of the second one in there it would be awesome!!
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I like it already.

Same video linked above

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Awesome! A return to form. Can't wait to see more
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I love their games, but i dont like the fact that Pixeye changes ENTIRE GAME MECHANICS from time to time.

The first was fantastic, but i think they changed it, then they changed it again which made it good.

The sequel was very different from the first, until they pulled it, and re-released it with some various changes.

And now, there's part 3. No doubt im still going to buy this right away, but i hope with the first 2 titles, they should already decide what mechanics to use in their game, and not pull it and change it again.
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It's amazing. Other news?
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