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Aeon Hero Wars

10-05-2012, 09:59 AM
Aeon Hero Wars

After almost a year, it's time to unveil my next game. Aeon Hero Wars is a free-to-play real-time multi-player strategy game where you assemble your team of heroes to battle your opponent. Blizzard calls this genre "tug-of-war" with custom maps like Nexus Wars and Desert Strike.

Aeon Hero Wars is multi-player over Game Center (iOS 5.0+) and works on iPhone and iPad. There are currently 58 heroes with plans to add more. For any battle, you select 8 out of the pool of available heroes and let Game Center auto-match your opponent or invite a friend to play. Upgrade your units as the battle progresses to increase their hit points and damage. In some cases, upgrading them will make spells more powerful.

Some heroes abilities are shown here. You have the Guardian throwing up a shield reducing damage for all nearby units. There is Akihiro using his energy beam across the entire map damaging every unit in its path. There is Thanathos, Thor, and the Mech battling it out over puny humans.

If you're interested, follow the thread! More to come as I get a chance to take more screenshots and videos.

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