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Need help migrating itunes app library.

11-15-2012, 06:57 AM
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Need help migrating itunes app library.

Ok, here's the situation. I fell below 1 gig free on the only hard drive on my pc, due almost entirely to the massive size of my app library. I've used so much space I can't even buy Bastion, which I was looking forward to tonight since it went Universal. I'm so low on space I had to shrink my pagefile .

I'm running Win7 64 bit on an AMD Velocity Micro machine. I have multiple drive bays free, so I intend to buy and install a 2 Terrabyte drive (which will be my d:/ drive if I reassign my multidisc drive).

Could someone with experience tell me the steps to take to migrate my existing library to the new drive, and to set up itunes so that all automatic downloads target the new drive? I despise iTunes for Windows, and am afraid that, given the chance, Apple will eat all my data and laugh in my face.

Also, will I need to make changes in the iCloud control panel?

Step by step help would be appreciated; I really don't want to **** this up; if I do, I'll probably completely abandon ios gaming, itunes, and Apple products in general once the contract on my phone expires.

I'm sure someone on TA has migrated their library before; it's simple enough for music, but I know apps were tacked onto iTunes after music, and it doesn't always behave as it should.