[Indiegogo] Goomy: Journey to the Rainbow Land! [Linked Video]

02-16-2013, 09:49 AM
[Indiegogo] Goomy: Journey to the Rainbow Land! [Linked Video]

I am really happy to introduce my new game: "Goomy: Journey to the Rainbow Land!" on Indiegogo!

For more images and a video: [url]http://igg.me/at/goomy-rainbow-land/x/2357654[/url]


Who is Goomy? Goomy will be our cute little monster we have to guide all through the game, isn't it cute? It has the ability to jump, double jump and attack, and it can do all these things at the same time while rolling, rolling and rolling! Well, actually its secret ability is to continue to roll without getting a severe headache...

Moreover Goomy has the ability to change its form: even though we weren't able to identify its nature, so far we know that there are at least nine different forms of this strange creature! Try to get'em all!

Where is Goomy going?

Although we have no certainty, ancient legends tell us of a mysterious Rainbow Land where little round cretures will find their happiness, but unforeseen dangers await those who dares to reach it... Help Goomy find the Rainbow Land!

About the Game

"Goomy: Journey to the Rainbow Land!" is a new kind of game that innovate the endless runner genre: while keeping the old endless running mode, a new adventure mode has been added! This new adventure mode is composed by six levels and each of them takes place in a different world! So what is the difference between endless mode and adventure mode? Huge enemies, of course!
For iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod Touch), Android and Chrome Web Store!
New game genre!
6 + 1 action packed worlds!
9 different characters!
Lot of Powerups!
Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements! (for iOS only)

When is it coming?

March-April (more likely at the end of March since the game is almost completed!)

For more images and a video: [url]http://igg.me/at/goomy-rainbow-land/x/2357654[/url]