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My Big Fat Premium Game Confession - or, "am i going casual"?

08-20-2016, 02:40 PM
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My Big Fat Premium Game Confession - or, "am i going casual"?

Since i visit TA daily, i have a confession to share here. I thought it was time to do it after having purchased The Quest HD on Wednesday, and organised my iphone games into folders. And my confession is this :

I have many big premium titles that i bought, often on day 1 or week 1, which i find excellent by all accounts, yet after a couple of days, i can't bring myself to even fire them up. Instead i go back to checking on my daily F2P game-routine, and my premium quick-fire games for a couple of minutes each, before closing them too.

Big titles off the top of my head, include :The Quest HD, Implosion, Forgotten Memories, This War of Mine, FFVI, FFTactics(that i was obsessed with for YEARS-hence my nickname), DQ8, Oceanhorn, Dust:ET, Xcom:EW and the list goes on. All those titles are left somewhere from beginning to midpoint. The only 2 exceptions are Wayward Souls (best 4 euro i have EVER spent countless hours in) and Hero Emblems clocking in around 20 hours.

This started happening around the end of 2014, when i turned 30 and got a steady relationship and an 8 hour morning job. I am SO happy and excited when buying a brand new premium big content game, and will continue to buy them, but by this point i feel my "happy to play it" has turned into "happy to hoard it for the future".
Is anyone else in the same situation?
08-20-2016, 03:06 PM
Exactly the same situation. I've narrowed it down to one thing. Availability. "Premium" games of that caliber require commitment and it's really hard to commit extended periods of time to anything when it's likely something more important is going to require your attention before you've finished the tutorial.

08-20-2016, 03:31 PM
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I am in the SAME boat.. I love buying premium games but NEVER, and i do mean never, get very far into them.. I keep thinking one of these days that will change.. Heck, each week, I think that might change... This week the premium game getting my attention is Leap of Fate, and it's entirely possible that I will go deep into the game, but based on my track record, it will be a miracle if I follow through..

I spend quite a bit of money on Premium, but I also spend quite a bit or money on FTP, and FTP usually receives a lot more of my playtime, overall..

Like you, I am always happy to support indie devs (and also larger devs) that come out with cool Premium stuff.. So, I suppose I am a hoarder as well.. Although, I prefer to refer to myself as a 'reviewer'...
08-20-2016, 03:42 PM
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Yeah I never played Oceanhorn having bought it.
There is unfortunately a thrill of buying something new. I was going to buy Hero generations. Fortunately watched a video and found it would not be a game up my street. But yeah it exists.
How much I spent total on games must be high. The yearning to play every top game. To 'collect them all'.
08-20-2016, 04:30 PM
Same here. Though, I think Wayword Souls is also easy to pick up and play and resume exactly where you left. So it's a premium game perfectly suited for micro mobile sessions, due to its design. That's what happen when talented people design a game with the platform in mind.

I try to make a holy "30 minutes or so" just before sleeping im order to play games that require undivided attention. When I really focus on the experience rather than finishing I find that is easy to play the game to its full extent. The problem is when I get overwhelmed by the exciting releases and get anxious to play a specific game. So, I cannot focus on the game at hand.

I try to keep balance between casual games and a deep one (just one at a time). Even if I buy way many more games than I can realisticaly play. Sometimes I feel as much excited reading about a game and supporting the dev as I feel playing it.

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08-20-2016, 05:19 PM
yep, this week i bought leap of fate, hero generations, deus ex go and that skyfish one but I have only played Clash Royale and Marvel Contest of Champions. I must stop buying games!
08-20-2016, 07:38 PM
I am exactly the same, probably worse.
I have a note where I add all the games that I've bought but haven't gotten the time to play through. It's frighteningly long. Meanwhile, before bed, I open up some F2P game for a few mins before heading off for the night.

I suppose it doesn't feel right playing a premium game for 5-10 mins at a time which is really what is convenient for most people these days.
08-21-2016, 03:21 PM
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I thought to be the only one....

Turned to premium after a year or so into f2p due to all micro-time needed to achieve something...
I played Heroes Charge and then League of Angels: Fire Raiders for more than 12 months straight... every day getting bonuses and quest... then i stopped... turned into premium to buy all big titles i've lost during this time..

The same week i bought A Dark Room, Device 6, Reigns... and this wed the Go pack with Lara and hitman...
Well... if A Dark Room really kept me on sofa for an entire night.. and was an amazing awesome experience... both Device 6 and Reign after an explosive afternoon lay there in my folder... for better time. I just dunno when it will come ... but hope never die.
Instead Lara GO keep me on it... every time i can i open it... i find really perfect the pace...

But in the end... i crave to steal everyday at lunch break my studio iPad to launch Phoenix 2 to improve my score...

I wanted to go back to good old premium day... but i seem to be sucking into this old 30+ syndrome... where all the longest time you have is when you sit on wc... or when at late nite wife&kids are sleeping... but often, if not always, i just want the bed too..

I guess i'll keep it up while waiting for the perfect premium wich will satisfy all the micro time span i have
08-22-2016, 02:37 AM
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I have way too many unplayed premium games in my folders, but I'm also someone who tries not to play too many at the same time. I've got just the one RPG on the go really, FFIX, which I only really play just before bed (and certainly not every night), and then fill in other times with more quick-play stuff, like (currently) Sky Force, Reigns and, oddly, Land Sliders, which has only recently started to intrigue me. It's generally a mix of premium and F2P, but mainly premium - and no microtransactions, ever. I'll buy coin doublers and content expansions, but I'll never pay for a coin pack or whatever.

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08-22-2016, 08:22 AM
One of the problems is that I think when playing too complex games that the effort should be better put in my job, studies, a real life hobby etc.

That's why I tend to prefer simple or byte sized games, that don't overwhelm me.