Best War Games Pack (by Hunted Cow)

10-09-2014, 06:28 AM
Best War Games Pack (by Hunted Cow)

Get 10 great war games (including our latest release Russian Front) covering the American Civil War, World War 2 and the Ancient era for just $44.99. All the games feature detailed battles that will challenge even the most battle hardened commander.

Included in the pack is:
Ancient Battle: Hannibal
Russian Front
Civil War: 1863
Ancient Battle: Rome
Tank Battle: East Front 1941
Ancient Battle: Alexander
Civil War: 1862
Tank Battle: North Africa
Civil War: 1864
Tank Battle: 1944

Note a discount is also applied if you already own some of the games!

Click here to view it on the App Store...

Note that although the bundle is marked as iPad only, all the games are universal with the exception of Russian Front

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