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App description: Rag Man is on a mission.

He must save the girl! He hardly knows her, but she is beautiful and thats good enough for him. Shes been taken hostage and chained up! The keys to unlock her are floating nearby attached to balloons. Rag Man must get at least 1 key to unlock and free the girl. Nothing will get in his way! Well, maybe a few things ;-)

This game features slap stick comedy, precision aiming, and strategic puzzles to solve. Each level is an obstacle course that you must help Rag Man traverse. Rag Mans strength is his rag doll body that allows him to fall great distances and sustain severe beatings. He is susceptible to sharp spikes, bombs and a dangerous mist. The complex motion and real-life gravity make this a game of logic and skill. Each level requires strategy, guts, and skill to get Rag Man to his goal of saving the girl.

This will surely become one of your favorite games as you spend hours addicted to figuring out these levels. Kids of all ages will want to see what happens to Rag Man as he travels through the many obstacles to rescue the girl.

6 Different Themes
10 Levels per Theme
Additional levels can be unlocked by completing tasks
Each theme & level is unique and requires skill and logic to solve
Game center Achievements and challenges
Interact with hot air balloons, ziplines, bombs, pipes, and mine carts
Physics engine produces realistic motion and animation
Available degrees and power display for aiming arrow
Hours of addicting game play