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★ 2 ★ Promo Codes ★ Amelia and Terror of the Night - Adventure / Interactive / Book

12-13-2012, 08:00 PM
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★ 2 ★ Promo Codes ★ Amelia and Terror of the Night - Adventure / Interactive / Book

2 Promo Codes for Universal iPad/iPhone/iPod version.

- F939T4XFX3L9

If you download it and have an opinion , I'd be glad to hear them

This is an extraordinary, quirky interactive story book not only for children called "Amelia and Terror of the Night".

The book tells a story about little girl Amelia and her 3 animal friends. Big furry monster called TeddyTeddy, shy little tortoise named Little Pencil, and blue two wheeled cat called Kitty Patter. Together they must face the evil, dreadful creature from the woods The Whine.

Amelia and Terror of the Night is a surreal, emotional story about friendship, acceptance, cooperation and courage. It is a journey to the far-off land of adventures, mini games, unique activities and lovely music. It will get you into a magical mood.

✓ over 360 interactions and animations,
✓ mini games and unique activities (tic tac toe, planet rotation, dress-up characters etc.),
✓ 42 beautifully presented screens with detailed graphics,
✓ over 20 minutes of voices fully narrated by professional actors with the lip synchronized animations,
✓ over 35 minutes of professional soundtrack,
✓ over 400 humorous sounds,
✓ 60 hidden stars to unlock secret scene at the end of the story,
✓ feel the depth of the 3D effect by tilting the device from left to right.

For more info and screenshots see our Press-Kit: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5m8224c08o..._PRESSPACK.zip

12-13-2012, 08:08 PM
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F939T4XFX3L9 Used

12-13-2012, 08:16 PM
Codes all gone
12-13-2012, 08:42 PM
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looks very good, too lates, codes are all gone.
12-13-2012, 09:31 PM
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Ah i miss it
12-14-2012, 05:04 AM
all gone
12-14-2012, 10:29 PM
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Originally Posted by OhNoo View Post
- F939T4XFX3L9
codes used, mabe PM anyone that replies to this thread with a code vs handout to lurks.

12-14-2012, 10:31 PM
I don't take codes much but when I do I say which one i took. If another one pops up pm me unless I get a card then I'm buying it
12-14-2012, 11:12 PM
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I downloaded the free version and it is really lovely. I think it is something young kids will really enjoy and as an adult I can appreciate the great artwork and all the effort and love that has been poured into this. It deserves to be recognized by Apple and garner some awards.

Game Center: MarinasideSteve
12-15-2012, 02:39 AM
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looks very good,will test now...