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Reign of Conquerors: New Strategy MMO from makers of Exitium (Minoraxis)

12-12-2012, 01:29 AM
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Reign of Conquerors: New Strategy MMO from makers of Exitium (Minoraxis)

Reign of Conquerors - Universal App

Minoraxis Games is nearing completion (first build submission successful!) of a new breed of strategy MMO. Reign of Conquerors takes cues from its RPG bloodlines to create a deeply engaging experience that blends a deep character level system, a robust battle system with online battles and monster dungeons, and kingdoms to be expanded and protected.

Like Exitium and our other games before it, Reign of Conquerors is a fully HD Universal App for your iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches on iOS 4.3 and up, though it looks most stunning on the iPad retina on iOS 6. We will also be releasing on Android in the coming weeks.

There are 5 main facets of gameplay that together define the game:
Kingdoms: Build and expand cities to train your army of troops and amass resources. A strong base will give you a much-needed edge.
Heroes: Recruit powerful heroes to lead your troops in battle, and run your city as stewards. Level each of them up with an RPG-like leveling system, and deck them out with powerful equipment found in battle.
Alliances: Fight for a bigger cause by joining friends to get help with everything from resource collection to domain defense, and help bring your alliance to the top of the heap globally.
Swag: Monster dungeons full of equipment upgrades and mysterious relics that will empower your heroes. Grab loot from your rivals and use it to defeat them!
War: At the end of the day, none of the other things matter if you can’t defend and expand your kingdom with the might.

War happens in three planes in Reign of Conquerors:
1. Hunt in Monster Dungeons for loot and experience
2. Eliminate monster threats in New Lands and colonize them to expand your kingdom
3. Attack your rivals in Emperor Battles to steal their resources and gain valuable conqueror's spirit

There will be four factions to play as, two of which will be available at launch. Each faction has specific strengths, such as units that specialize in certain types of attacks, that you’ll need to take advantage of in order to efficiently bring your dominions to prominence. For example:
Alchemists have the most powerful attacking troop types
Champions have strong defensive capabilities and armor
Necromancers (coming soon) cast the most wicked spells
Barbarians (coming soon) are the quickest, most effective invaders
Until now we have been very tight-lipped about development of this title, as it is a genre-blender that we feel will change the dynamics of online strategy gameplay on mobile devices. With so many insanely deep gameplay elements and variables to consider, we’ve been testing and adjusting this game for months now, and we’re finally ready to get it out in the wild. Look for it late next week! I will also try to get some more screens up when I get clearance.

Thanks! Please don't hold the old footage from the old trailer against us, this game must be played to be appreciated for its depth and fluidity.

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12-13-2012, 01:48 AM
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Just a few of the shots that have been cleared. We'll have a bunch more up very soon! The game comes out next week, so I'm sure you'll have enough to say about it for yourselves at that point, but enjoy these for now.

As you can see, there's a lot going on. Screen one is the dominion view, where you manage each of your different 'cities', and the heroes and troops that live in them. Screen two is the troop selection screen, where you assign troop types and numbers to each hero before battle. Three is a transition into battle.
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