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iPhone: Dragon Redemption - Mark Of Purity (Hardcore,Unique Game Play)

08-03-2013, 05:58 AM
Game Impressions

IGN: Squoob (Credited player of Dragon Redemption)

Facebook review page: https://www.facebook.com/iReview2.0/...42261649166183
Touch Arcade review from when I first started Dragon Redemption:

Current review:
Still love to play this game from time to time, I've maxed all of my current gear out and there's hours of grinding ahead of me to gain the maximum gear from the store (Complete heroic dungeons to gain runes which you then trade in for diamonds). There were quite a few bug fixes moving on from the original version of Dragon Redemption into its first update which is great, there were a few highly exploitable bugs which were resolved pretty much after I had contacted the developer(s).

It's great to see a game where the developers truly appreciate any information to help them improve their game and take everything into consideration.

Please note that the best way to contact the developers for any issue resolving is through their facebook page:

08-03-2013, 06:44 AM
There's about half a dozen versions of this game on the UK AppStore. How do I know which is the best to try ?
08-03-2013, 06:52 AM
Originally Posted by bigred447uk View Post
There's about half a dozen versions of this game on the UK AppStore. How do I know which is the best to try ?
Well, currently the free version is "Mark Of Purity" (MOP), just follow itunes link posted here! Good luck!
08-03-2013, 07:08 AM
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Feels shilly in here.

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08-03-2013, 07:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Exact-Psience View Post
Feels shilly in here.
Indeed. Mr Shill from Shillsville would be right at home! Those first few posts are hilarious.

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