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iPad: Halfling Wars - Social, Fantasy Simulation/RPG

01-06-2013, 12:04 AM
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Halfling Wars - Social, Fantasy Simulation/RPG

Fans of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, brush your hairy feet and perk up your pointy ears, because Middle Earth isn’t the only realm in which Halflings or Hobbits dwell. Indie developer, ChondroStrike is pleased to announce Halfling Wars; a social, Simulation/RPG for iOS inspired by The Hobbit. Halfling Wars is currently in development and on Kickstarter. The game will launch in the App store this Spring/Summer 2013.

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In Halfling Wars, you play as a Halfling or Darkling or both simultaneously. At the start of the game, a mysterious hooded traveler gives you a spark, says “Take the spark, bury it deep” and then mysteriously disappears. When you bury the spark a creature is born, which is under your command. With the creature at your disposal, you can build a village, farm crops (including a Halfling favorite - pipe-weed), morph or buff out your creature to battle against your friends online, breed new creatures, engage in quests as part of the storyline, complete mini-games, and much more.

Follow the Halfling and Darkling on exciting adventures to discover their history in a deep questing system. Every level brings you one step closer to unraveling their mysterious past and perilous future through unique creatures and characters. Are you a Halfling or Darkling? Will you fight or flourish? Build or battle?


* Farming/Agricultural Aspect (Feed crops to your creatures to strengthen them)

* Online social battles (Your creature against your friend's creature)

* Battle betting system (Place a bet on your creature in battle)

* Questing that revolves around the storyline * Mini-Games (Potion Creation, Tavern Game, etc)

* Creature breeding/morphing

* Decorate/Personalize Village Buildings

* Collect Gold, Consumables, Buffs/Debuffs, Sparks, Potions, and Shrines to Level-Up

Currently Halfling Wars is on Kickstarter and has 20+ days left to go and is more than 30% funded. There are reward tiers of all levels including limited merchandise, Beta games, in-game starter packs, and even a “Create a Creature” for the game. Halfling Wars will be released as a free game in the App store but for $6 you can become a Beta tester of the game shortly.