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Content Unlock System

11-23-2012, 01:32 AM
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Content Unlock System

Hi fellow Touch Arcade members and moderators , this is my first feedback here so forgive me if I make a mistake.

Now that's out of the way I would like the TA moderators and site developers to ponder over this issue that I am about to tell as it can be a serious matter at times.A developer posts promo codes here in the promo codes and contests section and in return expects the person who redeems the code to leave a feedback on that post as it can not be reviewed on the app store.He atleast deserves a thanks for not only sharing the code and giving you the app for free but the time he spent on developing the app so we could spend our spare time without getting bored.But when the developer returns after posting whether it be a whole batch of 50 codes or just 5 to 10 codes he expects a response but what he gets either a thanks or two or if its really a camping day , then all codes used with a few saying oh thanks for sharing but looks like all codes have been used. I my self have been in this situation a lot of times!

So now what is my point ? I would like the staff to introduce a content unlock system where only registered members can unlock the content ( perhaps could only be applied to promo codes section ) .That user will have to reply with thanks in order to unlock the content which will give him the codes and he can use one for himeself.You can add it in the rules that in order to unlock the hidden content you can not post random comment like "shdjdj" if you know what I mean.If its possible you can also add a reputation system but I don't think thats much important just a comment unlock system would be enough so the developer knows he is being noticed and not that people are selfishly lurking the codes.

I know this means more work for the developer to post codes , more work for site developers , more work for the moderators and for the users who are trying to get a code but at the end of the day it will surely help the ios community and we are here just for that , aren't we? I would like to thank all those who read this and looking forward to a response.If I have made a mistake here let me know and I'll try to fix that.



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11-23-2012, 02:59 AM
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+1 to this
11-23-2012, 04:30 AM
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Why dont you simply not post the codes publically, some devs tell people to PM them directly for a promo code.

Then they know who has a promo code and can either PM them back or ask them in the forum for feedback.

Theres lots of 'vultures' out there or people (who i've found have multiple accounts) asking for promo codes.

If you just list them in a post then i'm sure 90% wont bother saying thanks or telling you what the games like which is the whole point of a promo code.

Also if someone PM's the dev to ask for a promo code and only has 1 post at TA then dont give it to them. Its the devs fault for posting them publically (or giving them out to 1 or 2 posters via PM).

In a game thread, state that there are 10 promo codes, PM me for them, only members with 50+ (meaningful) posts will get them. You could spend 5 seconds and check the post history of these members, if someone has 51 posts and they're all 'hello, thanks' then dont give them the code.

That way you may get more experienced iOS people playing your games, you'll get good feedback etc. Its a lot of work doing it the way you want, just get users to PM you and be selective. Its not our fault devs just post codes and then are 'surprised' when they get no feedback or allow via PM any user to get the codes. If someones got say 300 posts here compared to someone with 2 posts, i would be happy giving the code to the person with 300 posts for feedback rather than the newbie with an account just created to try and get a promo code.
11-23-2012, 07:54 AM
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I agree .developers should ask users to pm them for a promo code and as you say they can check the post history and what not BUT not all developers have spare time specially small companies or indie developers and those are the ones that usually post promo codes big companies like chillingo and gameloft could have hired a seperate person for this thing but they don't need to give out promo codes there game will sell anyway and as i said indies and small companies will have problems.

As you say some people have various accounts asking for codes I think TA should track ips just to check if the same person is operating various accounts and IF he is exploiting the forum with getting multiple entries in a contest.Now someone might say a person could use vpn and change his ip , well i think vpns can be tracked easily by which i mean now adays there are some scripts or whatever i am not sure that can track whether a person is using a vpn or not.i can give many examples but here is one simple one when i go to a certain site to check my ip in the services section it mentions my isp but if i go there with a proxied connection it says shared services , which proves it can be tracked, on a certain get paid to site i have been banned for using vpn by mistake so yeah.

Another suggestion could be to create a group here that will receive promo codes for a certain app and after use they will give their feedback similar to how beta testing works but again the app developer might want a different audience for a new update of his app , you know a bigger audience so he knows the app is being widely accepted so again he could either pm to a user or post in the thread .as i said before not all developers have time so to assure atleast a thanks he could hide the codes in a script.

Another way to solidify the content unlock system could be to have atleast X amount of posts or as psj3809 said X amount of "quality" posts.to further strengthen the system reputation system could be added which we all know how it works but i wouldnt strongly suggest that as it could be harsh and lead to people making fake accounts to +rep their "main" account

I don't mean to offend anyone here.Its just for the betterment of the community and thanks for your response psj and Danny.I am not sure if you guys are mods or not but I hope mods and site devs check this .thanks a lot for reading.

EDIT:I am really sorry psj3809 just saw that you are a moderator.Btw I am not a developer so yeah from reading your response I got the feeling you think I am dev.If not sorry again,


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