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App description: Match 3 meets Word Game and its Bejazzled!

Wordsmiths and Puzzle masters, Bejazzled is the exciting new word puzzle game, from Sungift Games.

This superb new match 3 word puzzle game gives you hours of fun, exercises the brain muscles and includes a fantastic jazz music sound track.

Game Features:

Classic - Complete words and earn points
Action - Complete words and earn points against the clock. Fill the blanks before your time runs out and gain bonus time.
Endless - Hours of fun, you simply cannot loose.

Test your Match 3 and word guessing skills on one of these levels: easy, normal, hard.

Build your vocabulary, learn a new language.

Take on the challenge to beat the clock, with the all new word puzzle 'mash-up' Bejazzled. Packed with hours of fun and a jazzy sound track.

Own the leaderboards. Find the missing letters to complete the words and increase your score by using the letters with the highest letter point score.

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Thanks for playing and enjoy!

purejenix's comments:

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12-01-2012, 11:16 AM
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Game Impressions

Very fun game! Bejeweled meets Hangman!

The concept is so simple it's powerful.

Just like you're playing Wheel of Fortune, you'll see several spaces alloted to some mystery word with a few of the letters already filled in at the bottom of the screen. Above, in the main play area, is some sort of letter based game of Bejeweled going on.

Unlike Bejeweled, however, you really need to think through the letter sets you make as making a letter NOT currently used in the words below will penalize you (in most cases only one letter will go down to the puzzle below, so if the word needs 2 "A"s, that will be 2 separate sets). There is also a little strategery going on as SOME of the blank spaces in the word below hold "guesses". When you guess a letter no longer needed in a word one of these yet used spaces with a guess is decremented by 1, but at the same time, if you fill in the letter with a bunch of these unspent guesses, your score is multiplied by the unused guesses. If you fill in all of the spaces holding these guesses and then make a bad move, GAME OVER!

You can even tempt fate by filling out letters directly in the puzzle below (tap on the space in the word you want to fill, and then any copy of that letter from the letter grid above), but realize that placing letters directly like this counts off your remaining guesses even if your guess is correct, so while good to fill in a few final letters safely, use it carefully.

While the letter of the initial set made in a move must correspond to an unused letter in the word below to avoid a penalty, any sets made via the resulting cascade are free guesses (if they fit in any of the words they'll be used and if not, no penalty). So this is why bombs (created when you match any set of 4 letters) and picking out individual letters for direct guesses can really stir up the free guesses. The game even has this cool "MultiLetter" scribble thing if you match 5 letters in a single move. This both ensures you clear out all incidents of that letter in the puzzle below in one swoop AS WELL as clear the above grid of all incidents of that letter so as to make the other letter matches a bit easier to pull off (plus, like a bomb, might make a lot of handy cascading sets in its aftermath).


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12-02-2012, 01:09 PM
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Originally Posted by LordGek View Post
Very fun game! Bejeweled meets Hangman!
Thank you very much Tim for nice review!!! Good to know you like the game.