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App description: Welcome to the exciting world of FutureDog!

The treasure hunting dog known as FutureDog is making his debut in this 2D platforming adventure spanning 30 levels across 5 vibrant stages.

Explore each level to find all of the crystals and search for the Hidden Areas full of treasure! The quicker you gather all of the crystals and beat the level, the higher the score! But be careful, there are many enemies and obstacles that stand between FutureDog and the treasures!

- 30 levels spanning 5 beautiful stages
- Unique enemies, full of character
- Easy-to-use controls, everyone can play!
- Hidden Areas in every level
- Original sound tracks for each stage
- Arcade style 'Total Score' system
- Unlimited retries - No 'Game Over'!
- Game Center integration to compare your Total Score with your friends.

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BooleanGuru's comments:
Howdy there,

FutureDog - An easy to control, but technically challenging 2D platformer.

Meet FutureDog; the treasure hunting dog from the future with rocket jumping abilities. Navigate through the dangerous Planet Zeb, picking up crystals and fighting dangerous enemies along the way. Every level has a Hidden Area containing treasure, so be sure to explore every level as much as you can!

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Also, we have some pretty sweet updates planned (rocket packs - which allow him to fly through the level, achievements, and a store to purchase even more awesome upgrades )

We would love to hear back from you all, and of course we will answer any questions you have!