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Bubblien Attack

10-23-2012, 11:26 PM
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Bubblien Attack

**UPDATE: The game is OUT NOW! Best of all its Free-to-Play!**

Check it out on the app store at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bubblien-attack/id552289975?ls=1&mt=8

Or follow our new thread in the released games section: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?t=163827

**UPDATE: I've just added the teaser video for Bubblien Attack! Check it out, and please reply with your thoughts!**

Hi all, i've just submitted my iOS game "Bubblien Attack" to the iOS app store. Waiting for Apples approval now, and it will be available as soon as its approved!

In the meantime I thought I would post the screens, video and the description for you all and I would love to hear your replies and what you think and your first impressions.

Here are some screens for the game, a video trailer!:

Youtube link | Pop Up

And here is the description:

Bubblien Attack

Survive the attack of the Bubbliens as you slingshot your alien defenders into the endless hordes of bubbly enemies!

The once peaceful race of Bubbliens have gone crazy! They want resources and you just happen to be their latest target. Fighting back is now your only option for survival. You're fighting for your freedom, your right to exist!

Defend your base by slinging your soldiers up into the air in this bubble popping slingshot driven physics game. Survive for as long as you can and grab the best high scores. Collect crystals along the way and use them to research soldier upgrades, special abilities and unlock new levels.

Feature highlights:
*Fun physics based bubble popping gameplay mechanics.
*Special abilities and upgradeable soldiers.
*Unlockable levels.
*Game center achievements.
*Game center leaderboards: compete with friends and the world for the best high scores.
*Unique and fun art style with original music.

Don't let the Bubbliens take you down without a fight. Show them that they've messed with the wrong aliens. Do not go quietly into the night. Fight for your history, your future, your survival!


Email us with any feedback, questions or suggestions: wenpo@comicorpworlds.com

Find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ComicorpWorlds

Follow us on Twitter: @ComicorpWorlds


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10-29-2012, 01:57 AM
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Added a video trailer!

Hi everybody, I've added a video trailer to the original post. Please have a watch and it will be great to hear your replies and your thoughts!

10-29-2012, 09:33 AM
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This looks awesome!!
10-29-2012, 03:18 PM
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Thanks myopia! That's really great to hear. I'm really excited to have the game out. It feels like an eternity waiting for the approval process

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10-30-2012, 07:55 AM
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I've been told told that the review process is taking 10 days these days. I was hoping it would have been done today(after 7 days). But based on the 10 day guide it will hopefully be out by the end of the week.
Stay tuned, I will update as soon as its out!
10-31-2012, 06:53 PM
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Hi all, the game just got approved and is now live on the app store! Best of all, its Free-to-Play!
Check it out at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bubblien-attack/id552289975?ls=1&mt=8
I hope you all enjoy it!
11-02-2012, 04:01 PM
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11-06-2012, 07:14 PM
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Hi all,
I just wanted to let you know that we've dropped the price to purchase the highest amount of crystals in game (25000 Crystals) by 90% from $9.99 to only $0.99. Sale is on for today only.
This will let you pretty much unlock everything in the game, all upgrades, all levels and get plenty of specials.
Thanks for your support! Enjoy!
11-07-2012, 11:33 PM
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11-12-2012, 06:52 PM
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Another review has been published by GamersInfo!
Check it out: http://www.gamersinfo.net/articles/3789-bubblien-attack