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App description: Happy New Year! "Juggling BBQ HD" Now Available for FREE!!!
You have sliced fruits, now its time to skewer and make the perfect BBQ !

Juggling BBQ is a fast and funny action game for everyone to enjoy !
Pin some food pieces with dexterity while flying in the air to become the ultimate skewer chef master !

Buy now and get free coins when the BBQ shop opens !

* 10 free coins!
* 3 game lands, 21 Levels and more!
* More than 20 foods for your perfect skewer!

If you have sliced fruit day and night as much as we have done, it is time to try something new and fun. Let's skew food, make "Perfect" BBQ stick and get tremendous amount of excitement from Juggling BBQ.

Juggling BBQ is a fast-paced tempo game. Food keeps being thrown on the air. Be agile and accurate while pinning the food. The more accurate pinning you perform the higher score you will get. But watch out, there will be disturbed coal thrown out as well. One careless pinning on coal, you will get "Boomed!" Discover interesting food while trying to skew them, surprise awaits!

As Juggling BBQ is released around the time of Thanksgiving, we want to celebrate this thankful time with everyone. There will be bonus coins given to show our appreciation to those who like this game as much as we do.

Minimum iOS Requirements : 6.0
Minimum device Requirements : iPad2
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Cool TA iPad app!

Dear TA friends,

Juggling BBQ HD is my team first iPad game release in App Store.
We hope you will like it.

Please see game video:

Although we cannot be sure whether our games are going to be popular or not, we will try our best to create games that everyone can enjoy.
Therefore, your interest and warm support will be very much appreciated.

Thank you


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Dear TA gamers,

We have two icon.
Which do you think is better?

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Game Review of Juggling BBQ

Juggling BBQ is a very entertaining action game for iOS devices. We all remember Fruit Ninja, here, with Juggling BBQ you are not slicing fruits but skewering like a Chef all kind of food flying in the air.

Let's get started in this new adventure!

This game is pretty straight forward, but if you want to know exactly how to play, press the "?" to read the rules. Most of you will probably play without reading the rules, so get all the food pinned on the skewer and avoid the pieces of charcoal.

There are many levels in the game. Each level will be unlocked one after another.

Lets start skewering. Whenever the food appears, tapped or touched it to spike it on the skewer.

If the timing and the accuracy are good, you will get a "Perfect" evaluation. However, if both are bad, you will get a "Miss" evaluation

Get 3 "Perfect" evaluation in a row to receive a superb skewer and other gifts.

Do you see that popularity gauge on the top left? If full, the thrilling mode will be activated and the whole row of flame will be dancing. This is the exciting moment for you to get double score, triple or even higher. Well, it doesnt last forever so dont miss the chance.

While playing, watch out for pieces of charcoal, one careless tap over them and it will ruin all the food. Then, you will have to wait till other food get thrown out.

If you see an ice cube or a gift box, try to tap it several times to crack them open. Interesting items might be hidden inside.

Later in the game, some new kind of food will be available along with surprising gameplay, gigantic charcoal impact, Matryoshka dolls, etc. Make sure you dont miss it.

Keep in mind as levels advance, they will get unlocked by coins you will receive according to your playing performances. If you can't wait to see what await, you can also get coins through in-app purchase.

Time to watch a video of the gameplay of Juggling BBQ before downloading it !!

First Game Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-02GKNS-X1E
v1.1 Huge Patch, Real iPad Gameplay Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sk5WM-VQbP8

iTunes download:
iPad version: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id579557922
(Not available for iPad1)
iPhone version: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id585590025
(Not available for iPhone 3GS / Pod touch 3 or older devices)

Juggling BBQ official FB: http://www.facebook.com/FORMOGA