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App description: Play once again as the two mythics heroes of the Runaway series !
For the 10th anniversary of the mythic, million-selling PC adventure game Runaway: a Road Adventure, Pendulo Studios, in association with Numeric Pipeline, proudly presents Hidden Runaway, a brand-new episode starring Brian and Gina.

Our two heroes no longer live together -- in fact, they hate each other but they have to tell the story of their first adventure, from the very first time they met, to a producer who wants to make a Hollywood blockbuster out of it.

Will Gina and Brian realize they still have feelings for each other while reliving their first encounter? Find out in this original hidden object game that mixes hidden object searches, casual puzzles adapted and simplified from their point n click predecessor with special mini-games and narrative cut-scenes! Fans of the PC series and newcomers alike will love discovering this adventure, full of endearing characters, funny movie references and delectable dialogue.

Youre nowhere near stopping Runaway!
Rediscover or enjoy for the first time the Runaway adventure, starring one of the worlds most famous video game couples!

- Four chapters mix well-known scenes from Runaway: a Road Adventure with brand-new environments
- Dozens of mini games that will have you racking your brain for hours
- Useful and well-designed help for players, via a hotspot marker and hints.
- Rich and colorful graphics in the vein of Pendulo Studios
- A storyline full of discrete references and tributes to movies, series, games, music and novels.
- A huge replayable value as items to find will change randomly in the hidden object scenes
- Included languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian.

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10-18-2012, 03:23 AM
Game Impressions

12-07-2012, 09:36 AM
Joined: Mar 2012
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I loved it despite a few problems:
The most disturbing one is that the hidden objects scenes are so dark it's some times impossible to see the objects and I found myself tapping everywhere which somehow loses the point of the game.
Second problem is that some of the puzzles and mini games have no clues on how to solve them or insufficient explanations I.e the music puzzle - how the ---was I supposed to guess the right song?
In the barrel shooting puzzle the instructions just don't tell you how to shoot those cans .
And in the drug queen dress up puzzle I figured the celebrity right away but who knows how he used to dress? A right/wrong clue method would have helped...
Next problem only applies for non native English speakers like me: some of the phrases descibing objects may be very funny and coherent for native English speakers but the frequent usage of slang is unfair for us . I mean for me " uncle bob's remains" doesn't necessarily mean an urn , at least not until I actually found the urn...
Last problem : there are no controls for sound. It's not always continent to use earphones and I don't like desturbing everyone around me but to lower the sound you need to lower the device's volume...
Overall I liked the story and the puzzles , I would get the sequel as it comes out ; I hope it does...)