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App description: Knights & Dragons is a non-stop action role-playing game with endless battles against mythical monsters in one massive action-packed adventure.

The Dark Prince has unleashed his savage beasts on the land, and only the most elite knights can rise to challenge them. Build your team of heroes and recruit online players to create the ultimate monster hunting force! Fight legendary beasts in deadly, fast-paced battle and loot rare treasures to fuse mighty weapons and impenetrable armor!

Assemble your team and embark on an epic quest to defeat evil in this never-ending war of light and dark!

Knights & Dragons Features:

Free-to-play action RPG
- Embody the Knight Commander - build a team of epic heroes and engage enemies in role-playing combat using powerful weapons and deadly abilities.

Go on epic quests in uncharted realms
- Lead your brave team of knights through treacherous dungeons, dragon hideouts and perilous dungeons in search of powerful loot.

Defeat legendary beasts in fast-paced battle
- Annihilate fantasy monsters as you get closer to defeating the Dark Prince. Use powerful Massacre skills to turn the tides of war!

Team up with friends for hours of gameplay
- Form an alliance with other players and fight alongside your guild members to advance the story together.

Battle players worldwide in weekly PvP tournaments
- Each week marks a new chance to win glory for you and your guild! Fight enemy forces in real-time role-playing combat to sit atop the PvP throne.

Unlock hundreds of knights, armor, gold, treasure, and more
- Enlist unique knights for your city's cause! Bring gold and loot back to your castle in exchange for rare items!

Craft the ultimate set of armor
- Use fusion to craft five types of elemental armor, or fuse ultra-rare Dragonforged armor to become an unstoppable destructive force.

Crush the Dark Prince with friends, or challenge enemy clans in PvP. Your enemies may be dangerous, but the risks are well worth the rewards in this epic story of heroes and monsters.

Download Knights & Dragons to become a hero today!

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Sanuku's comments:

12-14-2012, 08:45 PM
Looks good but.....well we all know that question cause its GREE but is it good?