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Dragons vs Unicorns out now (Free, Universal, iOS)

12-06-2012, 07:48 AM
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Dragons vs Unicorns out now (Free, Universal, iOS)

Hi Guys, juset wanted to give you a heads-up regarding Dragons vs Unicorns which is now available for free from the App Store. We hope to introduce the Android version before the end of the year. We hope you like our wacky Tower Defense game and welcome all feedback:

You can download the game here

Watch the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jjoL2LZqmo

Who made it, why does it rock and what is it about?

Mobile Games publisher, thumbr, and developer Digital Harmony Games are overjoyed that their highly anticipated game, Dragons vs. Unicorns, is now available for download on both the App Store and Google Play. Furthermore, the game is free to play!

This game has been on the radar of many journalists and bloggers since it Kickstarted its way to mobile devices earlier this year. Cinema Blend talks about “One of the most epic games ever designed”, while DroidGamers is right on the mark by claiming Dragon vs. Unicorns is “Not As Cuddly As You May Think”.

The future of Winkeros literally lies in your hands when you order your fairytale heroes to attack the Dragon’s ongoing barrage of minions. Download this fairytale carnage on the App Store or Google Play now and save the Unicorn and his Chibicorns from the Dragon’s clutches!

About Dragons vs. Unicorns
Gamers will immerse themselves into the fantastical world of Winkeros, where balance hangs by a single egg.

Discover the battle in Winkeros
In Dragons vs. Unicorns players are sucked into the world of Winkeros where an intense battle is underway. The Evil Dragon is threatening to steal the Unicorn’s most prized possessions, his Chibicorns. Chi•bi•corn [chee-be-kawrn] –n. A mythical creature resembling a baby Unicorn, with a single horn protruding from its forehead, and small fluttery wings like a butterfly. Lead the Unicorn and his posse of friends on a mission to battle through five vibrant worlds and 40 levels to save the Chibicorns and the World. They may look cute, but they’re brutal!

Defensive skills required
Overcome the gate-keeping mini-bosses as you journey towards the blackened skies of Eastern Winkeros. Earn the highest ranking in each level by upgrading your offense and defense! Unlock exciting achievements and challenge your friends on the global leaderboards.

What secrets will you uncover? What horrors will you face? Find out in Dragons vs. Unicorns!

Key Features:
• Free to play
• Strategy meets Arcade gameplay
• 5 wildly imaginative worlds with 40 vibrant levels
• Intuitive tap and swipe controls
• Unique graphical design
• Global leaderboards
• Fully connected to the entire thumbr mobile social gaming platform

To learn more about Dragons vs. Unicorns and thumbr’s other exciting games, please visit the thumbr website @ http://thumbr.com/

Like thumbr on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thumbr and follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/thumbr to join the community and receive the latest news and insider scoop!
12-06-2012, 07:53 AM
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