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VHS B-Grade Zombie Game

12-06-2012, 08:24 AM
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VHS B-Grade Zombie Game

Hi there, I'm working on my third game (it's early days yet!). It's a top-down action game where you run around on foot, and get in and out of a variety of vehicles. The personality of the game will come through radio communications, which I want to feel dramatic but also humorous.

Currently, it's set in a zombie apocalypse, perhaps in the Australian outback. I know a zombie apocalypse is not the most original setting in the world! So I'm thinking about ways to make it more original and unusual.

Here's a video of where I'm at currently... the art in the game is currently just placeholder stuff I've made myself. I have a great artist that I'll be bringing in once the game starts to take more shape.

I come from Australia, and I love the Mad Max films, especially "Mad Max 2" (also known as "The Road Warrior" in the US). Excellent, classic cult film with mad car action.

And I love exploitation / b-grade films like "Escape from New York", and I was considering giving my game a sort of 80's VHS action game feel.

What do people think about that? It seems like something that hasn't really been done, and would provide a more unique and humorous flavour to the game's presentation.

I also love the creative and slapstick horror films like "Evil Dead" by Sam Raimi, and "Bad Taste" by Peter Jackson.

I'm finding it hard to settle on the story, feel and setting for the game.

Do you think the idea of an "80's VHS b-grade aesthetic" would be cool?



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12-06-2012, 03:39 PM
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I am a fan of cheap b-grade horror and exploitation films so think the concept here sounds promising but respectfully the gameplay video so far seems to leave a lot to be desired. I will be curious to see how this develops. The premise of a b-movie game has been tried before recently with Manos: Hands of Fate (a game based on the notoriously bad public domain film) and the nods to horror/sci-fi cheese were a blast.
12-06-2012, 06:53 PM
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Thanks Undeadcow

Thanks Undeadcow,

What stands out to you as looking unappealing in the current version? Is it mostly the shabby art, or just that the gameplay looks fairly generic and un-juicy? Or just in general?

One concern I have right now, is that I don't want to make a game that doesn't have any special appeal to it. If it's just the same as a bunch of other games, but worse. Well, that's not really worth doing, is it?

I'm thinking it might be interesting to create the missions procedurally, so there's always a new surprising mission to play... ?