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For The Win!

12-16-2012, 04:50 AM
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For The Win!


Back to Feburary, For The Win! - Zombies, Pirates, Ninjas, Aliens and Monkeys was successfully funded over Kickstarter. Thanks to all the bankers and the developers, we can play this game and I am able to write this preview.


The board game is designed by Michael Mindes aka Michael Eskue who is with a great love for simple abstract games. And it has been nominated as one of 2012 Golden Geek Best Abstract Board Game.

Each player owns 2 sets of tiles. Each set consists of Zombie, Pirate, Ninja, Alien and Monkey. Your goal is to combine them together.

Currently the game supports only local games with built-in AIs or Pass N'Play with your friends. If the game is between 2 players, you can set the the startup arrangement of first 2 tiles. The game starts with any player randomly. On each turn, the active player must take one or two actions. Players continue taking turns until all players have used their 5 actions for that round. You can take actions listed below:
  • Add a tile to the Grid (face up) – added tiles may not touch a tile of your own color.
  • Move a tile of your color – Move one of your Active tiles horizontally, vertically, or diagonally one space. Only face up (active) tiles can move. At the end of your turn, all tiles in play must be touching another tile in play.
  • Refresh a tile (Flip face up) - flip a tile from face down to face up.
  • Shove a tile or tiles - Similar to moving, move one of your Active tiles and all the tiles adjacent to it orthogonally. At the end of your turn, all tiles in play must be touching another tile in play.
  • Activate ability – Each character has unique abilities in the game. When an ability is used, the tile will be turned face down.
  • Zombie – Turns other characters into zombies.
  • Pirate – Moves other characters to wherever unoccupied on the board.
  • Ninja – Moves himself to wherever unoccupied on the board.
  • Alien – Pulls any tile on the board to a space that is adjacent to it.
  • Monkey – Flips over all of the tiles it is touching.
An Online game should be considered in future updates.

Each player owns an avatar. You can unlock 9 more if you follow TMG (Tasty Minstrel Games) on Twiiter, like TMG on Facebook or subscribe emails from TMG. And what's more, 2 avatars are still locked in mystery. If you unlock all the avatars, you can unlock all the 4 achievements in Game Center.

The rule is easy to learn but the game is hard to master. The abstract strategy game with a great play vale will bring you and your friends a wonderful time.

Here you can download a Rule Book.


Youtube link | Pop Up

Download link:
https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id571086500?mt=8 (2012.12.18)
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