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Dead Zone HD - The Living Daylights - (by Rhino Beetle)[Universal]

12-09-2012, 01:40 PM
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Dead Zone HD - The Living Daylights - (by Rhino Beetle)[Universal]

Lite Version:


12-09-2012, 01:48 PM
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Looks good but i'm glad theres a lite version as checking the video/screenshots i'm a bit nervous about the controls.

Right just installed it - Urrrgh hate the controls, button bottom left is walk left, button bottom right walk right. To shoot to the right you tap the right hand side and left you tap the left.

So if you're walking to the right (pressing bottom right) and theres a zombie you have to stop and then use your right finger to tap the right hand side of the screen.

Controls i think are poor, this is what frustrates me, theres a lot of other similar type of games like this, people love Contra style run n gun games but dont try and do something crazy with the controls. We know what works with run n gun games, just do that. If it had a left/right button in the bottom left hand corner and a fire button on the right it would be pretty good for 99c. But the controls as they are, just a bit weird in my view.

I mean the devs are clever guys for creating the game/graphics, but i think its bizarre when they just go crazy with the controls and ruin what could be a decent game. Dont any friends/relatives try the game and suggest 'normal' controls ?

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