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Old 03-06-2012, 10:05 AM
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Default Top 5 Your favourite iPhone apps?

I'd like to explore some new apps . So please don't mention here the most popular apps that everybody has, like facebook, pandora, words....
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Old 03-06-2012, 10:24 AM
Teknikal Teknikal is offline
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I'm presuming you mean non games so I'll just name the five I use the most

Mailonline - Basicly just a newspaper app but I do read it every day at work

AllofWiki offline - lets me look up Wikipedia articles anywhere takes a lot of space though but does come in quite handy on occasion.

CueplayDJ - DJ software lets you mix tracks anywhere and does a good job

JumiGamer - Lets me remote control my pc from anywhere

Left out a few of the more common ones like skype, instapaper and beejive im

edit: Took Instacast of my list since it updated to V2 it's completely useless it's hard to believe how badly they have ruined a nearly perfect App it really doesn't deserve my recommendation anymore.

Last edited by Teknikal; 05-14-2012 at 08:48 AM.. Reason: removing Instacast
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Old 03-06-2012, 10:52 AM
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Excluding Apple's standard apps, these are my favourite.

AppZappPush. Like AppShopper, but better (don't tell Arn I said that :P).

UK Map. Offline OS maps for the UK which also takes full advantage of the GPS.

Met Office Weather. A much more reliable and accurate weather forecast than the standard weather app.

Star Walk. An excellent app that lets you identify planets, stars, constellations etc.

LED Flashlight. Allows me to use my iPhone's flash as a torch, very useful.
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Old 03-06-2012, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by LBG View Post
Excluding Apple's standard apps, these are my favourite.

AppZappPush. Like AppShopper, but better (don't tell Arn I said that :P).

UK Map. Offline OS maps for the UK which also takes full advantage of the GPS.

Met Office Weather. A much more reliable and accurate weather forecast than the standard weather app.

Star Walk. An excellent app that lets you identify planets, stars, constellations etc.

LED Flashlight. Allows me to use my iPhone's flash as a torch, very useful.
+1 to AppZapp Push. Use it more than AppShopper as it's faster. Sorry arn...

Also I like Just Dance 3 Auto Dance as it's a fun app! I don't have my iPod around so I don't remember all, but AppShopper and Snapseed are also good.
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Old 03-06-2012, 12:07 PM
Snozberry Snozberry is offline
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World of goo- an oldie but it'll never be bumped off my list!
Where's my water
Joining hands
Bag it!

There's many more, but I find that those 5 are of upmost quality graphic wise, with a fresh fun innovative concept and awesome puzzles to solve, but never too hard, and they never get boring, they keep adding new elements to keep the game fresh and fun.

Monsters ate my condo really should also be on that list, though it's only one mode so you don't get as much of a variety as the other 5 listed.

WOG is a classic, its what modern day gaming should be, sheer brilliance.
WMW- innovative idea that's fun and adorable, constantly being updated with ne content, never ending fun.

Joining hands has alot of levels, another very unique concept, I couldn't put it down, played for hours right through to the end. No more levels being added though, well so it that's a bummer

Bag it! Such a cool concept.. And so life like, we all go grocery shopping and it makes an everyday chore really fun. I only enjoy the puzzle levels and collecting badges and medals, not interested in the arcade modes. More levels coming soon too.

Grooh - my current addiction.. Very unique..kinda like a match 3 platformer with color changing elements..I'm in love with the grooh character too. And the devs said more levels coming very soon.

Notable mentions and why they didn't make it

Juice belts - no updates
Iblast moki 2 - no update despite more levels promised
Bumpy road - not enough variety or campaign mode
Saving private sheep - graphics a little sloppy
Zen puzzle garden - doesn't evolve enough
Zen bound 2 - doesntbevolve enough
Home sheep home 2 - not enough levels
Scribblenauts - not enough levels
Monsters ate my condo - not enough modes
Puddle puzzles - no updates, sloppy graphics
Triple town - only one mode, doesn't evolve much, lack of gameplay updates
Sploosh - not enough levels

Cut the rope - too easy and slightly over exposed..almost bored of it because it's so popular..kinda like getting bored of the Simpsons because you've heard all the writers jokes and kinda get over it.

Edit **

Ohh you said apps

The top 5 apps I used would be-
1. Soundhound - tells you what song is on the can even sing/hum the song

2. Photo editing
More beaut - photo editing app that lightens, brightens, smooths and tones your photos..and it's free
Photoshop free - I use to crop and sometimes contrast, exposure, etc
Snapseed - lots of different editing options
Plastic surgery stimulator- I use this just for the liquify tool to edit graphics and photos
With the combination of those 4 editing apps it gives me results just as good as photoshop on the computer, that goes for graphics and photos, though the resolution isn't as good obviously..but it's good for mockups or whatever when you don't have access to your computer.

3. Noteshelf - you take notes, draw, color, symbols, etc.. Better then I real notepad.. It's a simple app but I use it alot just as a note taker really, to do lists, grocery lists, reminders, doodling, etc

4. Messages from your angels - Doreen virtue - oracle card app that allows me to have guidance when ever I need it. Use this daily, brilliant cards, very accurate. I have 6 of her tarot card decks in real life.

5.splashtop - connect to your laptop or computer and control it from iPad.. I often do this when a family member asks me to show them how to do something on the computer so I don't have to even get up! Ha ha I'm lazy

Honorable mentions
Smule - play the piano with no actual talent! It's free
Pianist - play a mini piano and you van record your songs and stuff
Animation HD free - it's fun to make little animations I draw certain phalic objects..really fun !
Appzap - it's already been mentioned or it'd be 1.. This has come in handy alotyou can set certain apps on alert for sales and updates
Testflight - be a beta tester for game developers straight through the app, no computer required
Atomic web browser - actually let's you download stuff which safari doesn't allow.. My bf often sends clips of his new song demos and I rarely go on my comp so I download them to my iPad instantly
Puffin - let's you view flash sites like pr0n and habbo!! <- this has COME in HANDy very much lol
Vidrhtym - Make a music video in 30 seconds..really awesome video effects and sound
Wicked unusual unique photo effect apps-
Toonpaint turn yourself into cartoon
Percolator - adds rings and circles into photo
Half tone - comic book
Wordfoto - turn photo into words
Photo tropedelic - psychedelic effect

Dicovr apps is good for discovering new apps or type in an app you like and it tells you other stuff you'd like based on that app.

If you have a cat or dog you have to get " game for cats" or " paint for cats" my cats love it so much and full on go skits trying to catch the mouse..paint for cats actually makes the cats paw prints show up while catching the mouse and paints a painting and u can print it out it pit it on the wall. My cat is a picasso for sure !

"wreck this app" is really fun for people who are into's a spin off of "wreck this journal"
It gives you instructions on each page like " get someone else to draw on this page" and "attach a photo and deface it" etc it's quite fun but not many pages for the price..

Torch apps do come in handy.. But I often just use the brightness of the screen as a torch nut if I need a proper torch that comes in handy

Every aplenty device needs some word games..7 little words (free), bookworm, and text twist and who wants to be a millionaire should all be on every single apple device, they never get tiring..I have had them for a year or more and they always get opened atleast once a week, still. Wordsworth hd is another good one.

I always have fun creating faces on "face factory" too..I'm a little kid in an adults body haha

Also, if your into sticker photo booth..this app called "photoframe dada" is literally the BEST sticker photo app I'm the world.list possibly even better then a real booth, it has hundreds of frames, confetti, stickers, font, pens, etc. I have spent countless shouts playing around with it, there is so many possibiltys seriously, and it's constantly being updated too.. Probably the most content ice ever got for 99c

If you have foxtel then the foxtel guide app is awesome..I always forget to tape a show then I will panic thinking I might miss it, then I get on the app and set the show to tape straight from the app..I wish u could delete other tv shows though cause if ur memory is full it still doesn't tape and that's annoying.

Words with cheats - I usually use this to make a good first word..if words with friends starts off with a short word the game doesn't evolve much cause there's not much to build yeah if I'm ever stuck on the first word I cheat and make a big first word for the benefit of both me and the other player lol, but sometimes I also have to peak if I'm totally stuck. It comes in handy.

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Old 03-06-2012, 02:19 PM
J2o J2o is offline
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That's it? This board needs to be updated regularly.

I like:

Zite(amazing, simple UI for news app)
Float(about same as Zite, but have more varieties)
Readability(use it to read stuff offline..just like Instapaper but free and better)
Tweetbot(works well with readability and Zite!)

Foodgaker or RecipeGrazer(if u like looking at food)
Viggle(easy point-earnings; already earning 20-30 dollars in itune points in a month!)
Shopkick(same as viggle, but its for when you go out; I rarely shop though)

EMD PTE( "adulterated" version of Elements for iphone 4;chemistry stuff)
Advanced English Dictionary(amazing UI)

Snapseed( thank you for recommending it! its awesome
360( or Photosynth looks good too but havent tried it)

Dropbox(so useful for school)
AnyPlayer( havent tried it; got it free. suppose to store VLC stuff)
TripLingo Pirate( its okay app, but free app if u want to learn some pirate talk lol)
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Old 03-06-2012, 03:02 PM
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Snapseed is the freebie app at Starbucks this week, by the way. Or just wait for it to go free again. It's gone free several times.
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Old 03-06-2012, 04:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Snozberry View Post
I second these. Oh and Dolphin Web Browser is a decent free web browser.
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Old 03-21-2012, 05:20 AM
ronypaul ronypaul is offline
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There are many application available in the market but I like some. And They are as follows:

Facebook for Iphone
Angry Birds
Skype for Iphone
Find My Iphone
Real Racing

These are my favorite iPhone applications.
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Old 03-30-2012, 10:48 PM
cotton julius cotton julius is offline
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Here are the top five apps in the market, you may try them.

1. Angry Birds Space
2. Draw Something
3. Ninja Chicken
4. Pool Master
5. Shoot Bubbles
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