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App description: Monster Trucks. Jumps. Offroad Pickups. Engine Upgrades. A proper monster truck 4x4 simulator, why play anything else?

Monster Truck Destruction is the best monster truck game! Great physics, real-time destruction and over 60 licensed trucks such as BIGFOOT and USA-1 to race in 28 dirt and snow covered tracks.

Compete in 4 championships across 28 offroad tracks in drag or freestyle, land insane jumps, backflips and master your monster truck.

Drive over 60 licensed monster trucks such as BIGFOOT, USA-1, Boogey Van, Outback Thunda, Virginia Beast tanks, Traxxas RC trucks and upgrade your engine exhaust, intake, suspension and transmission to keep up with the competition.

Realistic real-time damage and physics make this sim the ultimate Monster Truck game.

HOW TO PLAY The game loads and youre given 150,000 credit to buy your first truck. Scroll left and right to view all trucks. Once youve chosen your truck click BUY. Youre now able to compete in either Single Event or Championship.

For technical support or feedback, enquiries@oddgames.com.au

Sanuku's comments:

12-12-2012, 06:03 AM
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Forgot about this one ! Saw the trailer for it and it looks great, glad to see theres a few control methods. Instant purchase for me later

12-12-2012, 06:10 AM
Joined: Jan 2011
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anything else more "RPG" sanuku?

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12-12-2012, 06:12 AM
Joined: Nov 2012
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not bad,will try this soon...
12-12-2012, 06:52 AM
Joined: May 2010
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No Hollywood Hogan truck, I suppose?

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12-12-2012, 06:53 AM
Joined: Jan 2011
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I saw the video for this in the upcoming section and they showed a large variety of trucks, sure i saw the classic Bigfoot in there so there might be this other truck you mentioned

Game does look a lot of fun, think sadly my only purchase tonight
12-12-2012, 01:16 PM
Joined: Jun 2009
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Launch & Gameplay Trailer added. I think that everyone who is into Monster Trucks should definitly give it a try..
12-12-2012, 06:53 PM
Joined: Dec 2010
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Thanks Sanuku for recommending our game!

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12-13-2012, 02:02 AM
Was about the hit "Buy" but noticed the IAP in the last screen shot. How essential are they?
Do we have to use real currency in order to upgrade?
12-13-2012, 03:10 AM
Joined: Sep 2011
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Lags like a beast on iPod touch 4th gen also it closes out all the time.

Edit: Game is unplayable on iPod touch 4th gen. Spend 99cents on a non functional game.

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