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App description: Features:

Venture through the vast, open-world of Acadia.
Undertake and complete memorable quests.
Engage in a dynamic and tactical battle system.
Unleash your furious super skills on the dark souls.
Gather allies of different classes to battle evil.
Collect and upgrade unique weapons.
Purchase useful items.


The Royal Quest is an action-packed RPG game that incorporate unique and engaging features that suit a wide range of ages and levels of skills. This application aims to offer an enjoyable gaming experience to gamers around the world. The cartoonish graphics of the game is both simple and easy on the eyes. This type of graphics serves the fantasy-world genera of the game excellently . The characters design is both simple and appealing; no over exaggerated details. The game also offers some memorable soundtracks and distinguishable sound effects to enhance the game experience.

About the game:

Fight your way through the hordes of darkness to complete the royal quest and fulfill your destiny as the saviour of Acadia.
The peace Acadia once enjoyed for a hundred years is now shattered. Varn and his minions of the dark once more terrorized the realm. Little by little, the free cities of Acadia crumbled under the relentless attacks of the dark lord and his fiendish armies. The Peace Bringers once banished this evil, but they have mysteriously vanished without a trace. Yet there is still hope, there is still you. Venture through the vast, open-world of Acadia and restore the lost peace.
The Royal Quest offers an intriguing story and a unique gameplay. The game also offers a degree of freedom unrivaled by any game in the same genera. With an open-world to explore, numerous quests to complete and tones of trophies to achieve, you will find yourself wanting more. Once you establish yourself as a seasoned warrior, you can put your skills to the test against your fellow warriors in glorious online battle.
Are you up to the challenge? Are you the one to free Acadia from Varn and his minions? Will you accept the Royal Quest?
04-24-2013, 12:03 AM
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Very convincing...love the images of your game....here, take my 3 dollars
You fail hard when you do not even bother to upload proper images of your product.
04-24-2013, 12:15 AM
Originally Posted by Kirs View Post
Very convincing...love the images of your game....here, take my 3 dollars
You fail hard when you do not even bother to upload proper images of your product.
Not only that but some awful spelling mistakes too - "entraining"???
04-24-2013, 01:19 AM
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From the trailer in the game's website (mentioned in the description) this looks like a Battleheart type game but you only control two guys. Gfx and animations look bad IMO but i saw the video on my iPhone so I may be wrong.
05-07-2013, 10:32 AM
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Hi All

I do really appreciate your feedback people, I do hope you enjoy playing the game if you have downloaded it, I'm Ahmed the developer of the game and it's true we have updated the game screenshots with other several improvements to the game including the spelling mistakes, sorry we're none native English speakers.

As well you can find the game trailer video if you wish to watch it on www.theroyalquest.com

We are planning to expand the game more with new characters and items, your feedback is most welcome and I do care really to improve my game, please write for us your feedback and let me know if you have any questions about the game and I'll do my best to improve it and go on

Again, thank you really for the feedback guys

We are a bit new to this genre of games and we promise to do our best to improve