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App description: Zerg Invasion is a puyo style puzzle game with stunning graphics and live, animated characters and background. This game goes beyond the basics to deliver an awesome gaming experience. Zerg Invasion brings hours and hours of fun and intense gaming with multiple game modes and challenges. Testing your skills not only in a variety of game modes but also with new strategies by incorporating power ups. Think you've got it mastered? Check out the achievements list, there is sure to be a new challenge to attempt!

How to play

Drag falling pairs left or right and rotate by tapping on the left or right side of the screen to connect four matching colors to destroy them, chain together multiple sets to create combos and earn bigger scores! Direct the bomb alien to destroy anything it touches or use power ups to destroy aliens and meteors alike.

Power Ups

Earn stars to unlock, upgrade, and buy power ups by completing sets of 4 or more.

The Ray Gun destroys a single location, the Shooting Star destroys a 3 by 3 square, and the Black Hole will clear your entire game play area.

3 Unique Game modes

Survival - Play to rack up as many points as you can as speed increase. Do you have what it takes to earn the "Iron Man" achievement?

Meteor - Plays like survival, but watch out. Meteors begin crashing into your game play area and must be destroyed by completing sets next to them or destroying them with power ups or the bomb.

Multiplayer - Play with friends or make friends in multiplayer mode where you will battle an opponent to reign as master of the universe. Drop meteors in your opponents game play area by creating combos. The bigger the combo, the more meteors they take, but watch out because they will be sending them your way as well.

JohnnyZero's comments:
Hi forum, Indie Dev. Looking to get some feedback on my first game Zerg Invasion or Zerg Invasion HD. Same game, different graphics pack for ipad. Any feedback will be very helpful.