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Eraser+ - remove unwanted content from photos

11-24-2012, 04:16 PM
Eraser+ - remove unwanted content from photos

Eraser+ lets you quickly and easily delete unwanted objects from your photos by marking them with your finger. This allows you to remove various types of content after taking new picture with your iPhone/iPod or selecting one from your photo library.

This great application gives you the power to alter the reality even just on picture. You can use it to make your photos better or to achieve unrealistic or funny results – just open up your imagination.

Eraser+ is must have application for seamless object removal with which you can:
● Erase blemishes, wires, watermarks, pimples and other unwanted content.
● Erase larger objects such as people, animals, cars, etc.
● Erase unwanted lighting artifacts such as shadows and flares.
● Clone whatever you want

****** URGENT NOTICE ******

Some users are confused by the tutorial in the help section. The tutorial does not describe how to use the cursor (the green circle) to make selections which causes the app to look unusable and leads to bad reviews. The issue will be fixed soon with the next update.

DRAWING WITH THE CURSOR: The cursor (which is a green circle by default) allows the user to make more precise selections. In order to make selection follow these steps:

1. Using your finger touch the screen and move the cursor on the area which you want to remove.
2. Without releasing the first touch perform another touch to begin drawing selection.
3. Release the second touch to stop drawing.
4. The eraser button becomes active and you are ready to remove the unwanted area.

The cursor mode can be turned off in settings. Without cursor selections are drawn directly with your finger - the drawback is that you are hiding the area which you want to select.


● Undo unintended actions and redo accidentally undone actions.
● Full screen mode.
● Two-finger drawing for precise selections and brush strokes with pixel-accuracy.
● Clone stamp brush.
● Sharing on Facebook and Twitter.
● Both manual and automatic mode.

Now you are ready to download Eraser+ and make your photos better!

Download on the AppStore: Eraser+


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Sample images used under Creative Commons from dee & tula monstah (http://goo.gl/EsfTi, http://goo.gl/jIvMx), since always (http://goo.gl/QB2uX).

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11-25-2012, 06:32 AM

12-12-2012, 03:43 PM
New update released (version 1.1): The update includes video tutorial, updated help, and some bug fixes. For more info refer to previous post. Enjoy!