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App description: A new action/strategy tower-defense game for iPad®, iPad 2®, iPad Mini®, and iPad Retina Display®

Change in realtime creeps path with barricades and towers, use proximity C4, Tesla Tower, Super Flamethrower, Rail gun, Laser gun, Mortar Cannon, Anti-Air Flak, Missile Launcher to repulse the invasion, to prevent their theft! Manage your resources, produce enough energy, or your turrets will stop shooting!

"The time has come!
Multiple radio signals are returned by satellites
and international space bases. We have got no escape route.
we have got no chance to stop their incursion.
After hours of bombing the surface,
the world population was decimated
There were just a few thousands survivors
One of them was you! You and a huge arsenal of weaponry.

It's time to get dancing commander.
They are coming, they are many. They want our gold!"

In the full version:

Fight for our gold in 12 amazing levels, discover why they want our gold!
Distribute well your gun turrets, feed them with enough power, repulse the aliens !

Change game speed and hordes frequency in real-time to make the right dose of difficulty. Be prepared for the continuous waves mode at 4x speed to enjoy the annihilations of hordes of thousands of aliens.

37 towers, 20 types of enemies
47 Game Center achievements and
leaderboards with Facebook Friends challenges.

Grab your courage and all your tapping skills.
Ready for the battle, commander ?

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It's time to get dancing commander!
They are coming, they are many, they want our gold!