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App description: Notice : This mobile game is in Indonesian language.

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Background Dunia Online Game

It is said that after such a long running time, the world began to disintegrate, appear two different worlds in the East and the West, which is the Western followers of the god of Light, who assumed command the Sun God to protect the City of the Sun, against the God of Death and the God of War, the other being the East follower various sky god, who assumed command successor god save the farmer. Both of this world creates a balance with each other to know each other but against each other, they are accustomed to the presence of the opposing party, mutual understanding, mutual feuding, mutually hostile. They developed their respective followers, and create an aura of a different world, facing each other in harmony. Both world will face the same test, between man and god, how to live side by side? Who will become ruler of the world?

Dunia Online Feature

+ Mission dramatic, with a focus on adventure, puzzle solving, not just a regular game defeating monsters.
+ Equipment (items) Historically, personalization systems. In traditional online games, super item usually fixed, the difference is only jewel on the items, while the Dunia Online, historical items can be personalized, hard to find the exact same item.
+ Free economic system. Design World Economic OL quite free, if you are an entrepreneur, or a trade brainer, you must be very smooth life. If you're diligent, can live happy.
+ Municipal system is the most challenging for the player in the Dunia Online. Player can develop the city into a prosperous trading city, a center of world trade, also can be used as a military fortress, conquering forces from all directions, became sole ruler. Urban development can also be done by the player through personalization, including the creation of a city street, to be developed by the player freely, many cities awaiting your creative touch.
+ Adventure challenge in the form of strategies, full of unexpected things, forcing you to be careful in every step. Various dungeon like attacking the city, to fight dragons, etc. seek the death knight., Not only to make you get the challenge of the new mission, it also makes you face the BOSS with different strengths and character.

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