App description: Bring the classic American arcade bowling tradition everywhere with Skee-Ball 2 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!

The sequel to one of the best-selling iOS games of all time is here! Updated with a ton of new features and technology, including multiplayer to compete with your friends!

With a quick flick, roll the ball up the ramp and into one of the numbered holes for points, tickets, tokens and achievements.

Skee-Ball is easy to learn and easier to love: Play by simply flicking your finger across the screen or making a bowling motion. Tilt your device to add spin. Simple to play, almost impossible to stop playing!

Win enough tickets and go on a shopping-spree for fun prizes, custom lanes and custom balls! Over 100 prizes across multiple collections!

Want to show you're the best Skee-Baller around? Compete with your friends via Game Center multiplayer, anytime, anywhere user Power-Ups to get ahead, and even wager one of your prizes!

The improved NVIDIA PhysX engine delivers console-quality physics so the ball rolls and bounces hyper-realistically, and new Beast lightmapping technology provides realtime, realistic lighting.

Retina graphics across all supported devices, including the iPhone 5!

Authentic Skee-Ball sounds!

Skee-Ball 2 brings the classic arcade game into the pocket-sized digital world!

With this sequel to the highly acclaimed original Skee-Ball, we are pleased to introduce a number of new and improved features, including

New 3D lane models with super-awesome Beast lightmapping technology!

Game Center enabled!
Compete with your friends via multiplayer, including prize wagering, instant replays and a Home/Away feature allowing opponents to play on your custom lane!

Use Power-Ups to beat your friends or climb the Leaderboards!
Multiball roll three balls at once!
2X Score double the points!
Rewind a second chance to perfect your pitch!

All-New Prizes, over 100 in all, plus special seasonal prizes and bonus prizes for completing collections!

iPhone 5 support, plus Retina graphics across all supported devices!

Improved physics, finer ball control, and improved tilt control to perfect your game!

Daily Bonuses play every day and increase your ticket hoard!

Skee-Ball is a trademark of Skee-Ball Amusement Games. All Rights Reserved.
12-15-2012, 09:04 AM
Originally Posted by graveckjon View Post
I'm happy to say that YES, you can bounce the ball off the sides. It's my preferred method of sinking hundreds. We spent a lot of time trying to make the controls authentic and I think it shows.

(A developer)
Thank you!
12-15-2012, 09:48 AM
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Definitely one of my favorite 10-minute diversions

12-15-2012, 10:17 AM
Joined the Forums just to say that this is one on of my favorite games this year.
Nothing has grabbed me in the past months like this and Punch Quest. A must-have on any device if you ask me.

Don't know if you guys plan on updates, but I think that while it's excellent already, adding challenges for more tickets would make it even more addicting, and specific lanes with tropes, quirks and difficulty (moving targets, changing where the holes are, etc.) would definitley have me playing even more.

Having sunk 4-5 hours already, this is famtastic. Has some bugs in the online, and that too could be expanded, but honestly, great job!
12-17-2012, 07:15 PM
I think I found a glitch with the multiplayer notifications. I tried turning off the sound notifications as well as the banner alerts through the settings menu and both are not working because I'm still hearing the sounds and alerts.

Any possible fix for this?

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12-17-2012, 10:12 PM
Awesome, awesome, awesome game! My wife and I loved the first one, but this one is so much better with the asynchronous multiplayer. I like the way the prizes are organized into themed collections.

A+++ This is a must have!

I do have one complaint/request, though. Every time I want to play a match with my wife, I have to do a game center invite. After three or four matches, it starts to get pretty old. Can we just get a rematch button?

Also, I think i came across a bug. I went to start a new random game and got a message that I needed to delete the finished games from my list. It gave me two options, have my finished games deleted or let me do it manually. Regardless which one I pick, nothing happens. I assume that's normal for the do-it-myself option, but I assume the other option is supposed to clear out the whole list all at once.
12-18-2012, 12:35 PM
Which IAP to you think is better the ticket multiplier or the coin multiplier?
12-18-2012, 01:16 PM
Originally Posted by jps1012 View Post
Which IAP to you think is better the ticket multiplier or the coin multiplier?
Tickets are for prizes
Coins are for power ups
Hope this helps
12-18-2012, 02:26 PM
Originally Posted by jps1012 View Post
Which IAP to you think is better the ticket multiplier or the coin multiplier?
The ticket multiplier for sure, unless you don't care about collecting prizes.

I bought the ticket multiplier right of the bat. This game is a steal at a buck, so I felt that throwing a couple more bucks at it was worth it.

Once you buy the doubler, you can spend another $.99 to upgrade it to a quadrupler. I didn't notice this at first, but once I saw it I didn't hesitate to grab it. So quadruple tickets for three bucks.

I haven't purchased the token doubler (yet), but I assume it's the same setup.

On the topic of the ticket doubler, does it apply to multiplayer games? I'm assuming so, since I'm getting a load of tickets from wins (before the wager and win multipliers are calculated). I'm guessing the IAP ticket multiplier is already calculated into that "net" amount of tickets you get from on online match. It's just not apparent, is all.
12-20-2012, 09:22 AM
Thanks for the replies. I'll prob grab the ticket multiplier.
12-24-2012, 10:30 AM
Great game. My son loves it too.

Multiplayer is slow though (slow to load the game list, to delete a game and to start a new game). At least here.

I hope to see more prizes soon! I have almost finished all collections.


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