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Vampire Fight by ioslove $0.99 -> FREE

12-15-2012, 06:36 AM
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Vampire Fight by ioslove $0.99 -> FREE

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12-15-2012, 01:34 PM
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Despite the IAP it looks pretty good. The history on it shows it being released last mont for $0.99 and this being the first drop to free. Still looks kind of freemium by design but I'll give it a try.

12-15-2012, 01:37 PM
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I previously bought it but haven't gotten around to playing it (not complaining, I knew it would go free as krpgs like this often do); action rpg with vampires... how can you go wrong? Although there are blurry non-retima graphics, unobtrusive main menu ads, and directional controls that feel like an old cell phone game port. There should definitely be more supernatural/horror action games on iOS.

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02-06-2013, 08:04 AM
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02-06-2013, 09:07 AM
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Originally Posted by undeadcow View Post
Free again.
You ever play it? Is it any good?



I could never give up.
02-06-2013, 10:18 AM
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I haven't played it yet, but bought it previously. The graphics are low res and it's a cheap cell port so not for everyone. Although, an early December update claims to have improved touch performance.

Here's an initial early review from the main thread.
Originally Posted by Bool Zero View Post
Okay I'm back!

So here's the good and the bad:

Typical KRPG romp with a vampire twist. Admittedly, this one jumps into it much more quickly than the standard fare KRPG, which is a pleasant change of pace for things!

The game seems to be a port of some kind, as there seems quite a bit of "Loading" screens where none seem necessary and there is certain parts with noticeable frame lose, to the point where you will see the black frames cut in between the action. The game does require I telnet connection to load, and for some strange reason, the first time I played the game it changed the icon of the app. Also it doesn't help that you pay for an app and as soon as it loads on the main menu you are greeted to an Ad on the top border!

The controls seem four positional though the game does have a multi-directional virtual thumb stick for movement instead of a virtual D-pad, but the character still only moves in what seem as four directions. The combat is what you'd expect and feels satisfying, the button layout is of the typical layout as well (as an aside: Is there some single engine that all of these games are made from? It seems like the menu's and button layouts are the same regardless of what developer you buy them from!). The thing that will really grab gamers who like this type of game is the combination system, which allows you to combine items and enhance weapons. To me, that makes this game interesting, along with the Vampire theme and the whole "Save Dracula" plot going on.

Let it be said: this is not a polished app by any means, and if you have played some of the Gamevil, Caramel, Oddy Arts or 2ComUs and other KRPG developers, this one will seem a little unpolished in the way of porting. Aside from that, the visuals are decent for smaller screens, and the art direction is very nice, though it must be said that this game looks horrible-good, depending on the device you play it on. If playing on an iPhone or iTouch, I'd imagine this game will look good, very much like a homage to the SNES era of gaming. On an iPad 3 however, this game looks blurry, pixelated, muddy and unimpressive. Playing in 1X and them switching to 2X I can tell this is meant purely for smaller screen gamers. It could also stand to have a better frame rate and lose all the loading issues it apparently have carried over from being ported.

Buy at your own risk, but know that it is a pretty good if slightly flawed game (technically speaking)! If one could look past the little issues they can enjoy this!
04-23-2013, 11:37 PM
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Sale on again
04-24-2013, 09:31 AM
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Sword of Wind by the same developer, and also a KRPG cell port, is also free.