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CarWash - to wash your car or not!

08-09-2013, 01:11 AM
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CarWash - to wash your car or not!

Stop throwing your money in the rain and snow! Let your car and your city be clean!
CarWash application will let you wash your car and enjoy driving it clean for pretty long time, but not a few hours until a sudden rain!
Have you ever washed your car and then got upset with a sudden rain or snow and a sum of money spent in vain? And have you ever driven your beloved car clean only half a day? And all this due to someone’s weather forecast that predicted clear weather for the following few days turned out to be uncertain.
CarWash application will help you not to waste your money! No, we don’t guarantee that installation of our program will make the weather clear and your car clean. We only guarantee that you’ll be provided with the information from the 4 most reliable sources in the form of an averaged forecast. This forecast will be the most certain one!
Our application will perform the analysis of the information received, process it and display as an animated forecast - "Wash”, "You decide”, or “Don’t wash".
We warrant you that starting right from this moment there will be less unpleasant emotions due to unpredicted rain or snow, more clean cars, and your budget will suffer less expenditures due to the money spent in vain!
Just launch the application - look at the scale-plate – and get advice whether to wash your car or not!

- Weather forecast from the 4 most reliable sources: RP5 , GisMeteo , Weather.ua , Yahoo!;
- Possibility to select the city where you (with your car) reside, at the base of about 400 cities, works geolocation;
- The application may be used separately from any auto needs, just as an averaged reliable weather forecast;
- Supports 8 languages ​​(Russian, English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese Traditional). Localization independent;
- Anti iOS 7 design;
- All control is based on the swipe;
- A brief guide on the first run;
- No background downloads, and the like (maximum saving battery and bandwidth);
- The original animation;
- Shared with social networks.
08-09-2013, 11:24 AM
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Ridiculous! Why would I ever need an app to tell me this? I think I can figure this 'dilemma' out myself! What's next, an app that tells me when to wipe my ass or not (because presumably I can't tell on my own whether to do that or not)? What's it all coming to, man?