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App description: As two empires wage war across the Gray Wastes, a rogue Archmage begins down a path of vengeance as he moves to unlock the mythical Gates holding the pieces of the Goddess of Destruction. Lyssa Symbril, Captain of the Guard in Northern Senda is called upon to investigate an attack in the midlands, little does she know that it will begin the journey that will not just change her life, but the history of their world!

Welcome to the world of Elthinia, a fantasy RPG set in a wondrous world of epic adventure, where your wits and heart are as important as your skill with a blade and the strength of your spellshield. Inspired by classic JRPGs like Final Fantasy and Phantasy Star, Elthinia offers hours of enjoyment as you explore the far reaches of the land in search of a way to stop the mad Archmage Salek Sar from releasing the Goddess of Destruction unto the world. You'll discover more souls willing to fight and die by your side as you venture forth in your quest to stop the mad man. As the dangers grow so will the strength of your arms as you venture into deeper into the realm and uncover treasures and artifacts long since forgotten, relics of history that will aid you in your fight against the Goddess and her minions.

If you have a desire to play an engaging little JRPG on your iPhone, something at once a classic and a new venture, then check out Elthinia.

**** Features ****

A new take on the classic JRPG. Explore the world and its dungeons with no random encounters (enemies roam onscreen for you to fight or avoid), find powerful weapons and armor to tackle enemies of ever-increasing deadliness in turn-based combat.

An ever-expanding world to explore. The initial world zone of Senda is large to walk through (both above as well as below) but we will be adding on an equally-large levels of content with each major patch for free.

Open Dual-Class System. 8 character classes to start with, mix and match with each of your characters to tailor a party to your preferred play style. Why play just a simple "Thief" or a "Mage" when you can field a Berserker-Priest next to your Archer-Paladin? Knight-Beastmaster is more your cup of tea? Go for it!

Guild System. Through a variety of events and encounters you'll be able to acquire more and more heroes and heroines to help you in your quest to stop Salek Sar. Some will join you because of your infamy, others may need to be convinced that this quest is worth their time.

FREE content updates. As the story progresses we want to present to our players bigger playgrounds to play in: A bigger world with more dungeons, more bosses, more gear to find, and we want to do this for FREE. We have no plans to charge for content, no gated experiences for those who pay differing from those who don't, simply buy the base game and get the updates for free! We plan on releasing a major content patch (a point release) once every 6 to 12 months while using intermittent patches to address issues but also to add even more stuff. Things like smaller areas within the main zone, new towns, more gear to find, more food to buy and try out, etc. Free.

Tons of things to discover and find. From esoteric armor sets that grant even more power to its wearer to strange and exotic beasts to tame if you have a Beastmaster in your party, there are a lot of fun things to discover outside of the primary quest line. Venture forth and stumble upon something new today!

Time of Day. We have 4 times of day (Dawn, Day, Dusk, and Night) that progress automatically as you play through the game.. Some enemies and events only show themselves during specific times and you'll be able to manipulate the speed that the game cycles through various times so long as you have the equipment to do so.

**** Support ****
Visit our official website : http://www.Elthinia.com
Email us with Questions & Concerns : support@elthinia.com
05-30-2014, 08:58 AM
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The only videos I could find are from early pre-release builds. Better than nothing I guess. This RPG definitely got overlooked with the recent releases of DQ8 and Battleheart 2.

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05-30-2014, 09:20 AM
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Is there any iaps? This one is overlooked for sure!! The upcoming thread is great though..

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05-30-2014, 07:18 PM
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@strivemind, I apologize for not thanking you sooner for starting this thread, but thank you very much! It's been a crazy release because we had a mix-up on our launch date and Apple launched our app Thursday evening instead of 2 weeks from now, hence us getting crunched between DQ8 and Battleheart 2 heh.

I'm working on piecing together a release trailer that'll showcase more gameplay and game aspects, I hope to have that done by tomorrow at the latest

@chaos_envoys, no IAP at all! Our long-term plans are to give free large content patches that'll further the story along and have that punctuated with additional content updates, adding more areas to explore, gear to find, monsters to face ^_^ It's much more of a marathon of a game than a sprint hehe, we've been planning from the beginning to release sections of it episodically but didn't want to charge folks for content, just wanted it available for everyone

Quick notes on our current 1.00:
We've been given the heads-up on several bugs and we're pushing out a patch tonight, hoping to get it expedited as there are a few serious game bugs that stealthily snuck into our release build that need to be squashed.

For those who have our game, try to avoid the last 2 sets of monsters in the back of the cave that's located between towns of Callan and Korda; from where you begin Callan is just south of your start location, Korda further south from there with the cave located along that winding path.

If you encounter those 2 mobs the game will load combat but not the monsters or any combat icons rendering it in a non-playable state. From here, unfortunately, you have to kill the game app and go back in and Continue. Upon continuing your game quickly move away from the mobs so as not to trigger the encounters again. Our patch tonight fixes this thankfully; for an odd reason we had a few encounters unlinked in our release app causing this type of bug.

There's an issue in acquiring your 4th guild member, but my friend has patched that so that the event will fire correctly and anyone past that point should get the character retroactively

We had an odd bug crop up where your 3rd and 4th party members would start a continued game with 1hp and 1mp (), but this is also addressed in our latest patch. Hopefully you'll be able to fight your way out of any immediately-close encounters you come across until then.. ^_^

Thanks again for the kind words and support, if anyone has any questions or concerns feel free to contact me here or via Twitter (or email or our website). Man… 2 years of working on this, finally here with much suddenness haha

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05-30-2014, 07:25 PM
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Downloading, will report back with impressions.
05-30-2014, 10:13 PM
Originally Posted by undeadcow View Post
Downloading, will report back with impressions.
Looking forward to your impressions, man.
05-30-2014, 10:17 PM
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I would love to see a universal update for this game, so I don't have to 2x it.
05-30-2014, 11:02 PM
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Why in the world would someone release a game with two screenshots in the App Store?
05-30-2014, 11:02 PM
Game Impressions

Runs currently very unstable, crash every couple of minutes (Crash Report can be found here).

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05-31-2014, 12:23 AM
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Wanted this but it requires iOS 7...