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App description: World's first Isometric Endless Zombie Survival game is here!

You are the "Last of the Survivors" in a world hit by a mysterious virus spread after Earth was struck by a meteor. 10 years have past since and the world has overtaken by tsunami of Zombies.

You are and ex-solider set on a mission to find a cure for the infection and reach the last known location of your daughter. You have to survive through various parts of the world torn apart after millions turned into the Walking dead. You are the only hope for the last of us remaining. Make use of every resource and survive longer. Kill zombies, survive the undead horde, unlock new weapons and vehicles to help you last longer!

IGN - "Last of the Survivors has Fallout vibe to it!"

GamingCentral - "If you are a fan of zombie shooters, looking to play a good mobile game, look no further. Imagine Diablo mashed up with Duke Nukem"

Microsoft DVLUP's Honorable Mention Award

* Endless Zombie survival horror
* Traverse across 6 different levels spanning through cities, highways and dark tunnels
* Beautifully designed Isometric world
* Unlockable Levels, Weapons and vehicles
* Various control options: Touch Swipe, Virtual control pad and now even Motion control
* Dangerous Zombie infested areas to traverse
* Dynamically generated Levels and Environment
* Dynamic Day-Night Cycle
* Dynamic Weather effects (Rain & Lightening, Snow and Winds coming soon)
* Various weapons to help you on your mission(like Shotgun & Assault rifle)
* Use various vehicles to cover distance faster (of course you can runover the Zombies too!!)
* Gain Experience from killing the Zombies
* Collect Resources to upgrade your weapons.

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05-11-2016, 01:14 PM
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Confirmed hilariously bad! 😂
05-11-2016, 06:23 PM
Originally Posted by ScotDamn View Post
Confirmed hilariously bad! 😂
Bummer. It looked like a good toilet time game...💩😯 ... Think I'll try it. 🤔😜