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App description: "will keep you glued to your iPhone or iPad" - games.com

"Packs a ton of challenge across 24 levels, and looks pretty great doing it" - appolicious.com

"a wonderful puzzle game mixed in with some physics based elements" - appchronicles.com

"Graphics are gorgeous, gameplay is superb" - ThatSnazzyIPhoneGuy

In the deepest reaches of space is a desolate region dominated by physical impossibilities: gravity rocks. These hyper gravity inducing asteroids create dangerous pockets of space in which only the most skilled can navigate. Hidden in these fields are the fuel of the galaxy, crystals of immense power which must be collected to continue our voyage to the stars. Here is where you come in!

Only the sleek probes which you control can navigate these tight asteroid fields and recover the crystals! Traverse through a torrent of 24 death defying mazes, where you must use gravity to assist you or be destroyed. Collect the volatile crystals and get them to the stabilization capsule before it's too late. Realistic physics challenge the mind and the reflexes as your fuel dwindles with every thruster burst. A mix between action, strategy and simulation will leave your nerves fried, your brain drained, and your thirst for victory quenched.

Take the challenge and dive into the world of GRAVITY ROCKS!

JDL Labs's comments:
Hi, were the developers of Gravity Rocks and wed love for you to take a look at our game. Weve incorporated huge amounts of feedback weve had from early players over the last several months and the additions and updates should make it even more enjoyable.

Take control of your space probe and use the predictive path beam to plot your course around the floating rocks as you try to find the most efficient path. Reflex-driven gravity puzzles abound as you collect glowing crystals using the minimum of fuel, while navigating a tight asteroid field. Plan gravity slingshots, dodge tracking mines awoken from cold sleep, and use the solar winds to finish the levels as quickly as possible, and challenge friends on the leaderboards.

Runs gorgeously smooth from iPhone 3GS up to iPad3 with full 4xMSAA
More than 24 levels
Simple direction swipe-based controls
Original music and hand-drawn art
Achievements and leaderboards
Fully custom 3D engine built from the ground-up
05-27-2013, 06:47 PM
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Try out the acclaimed action puzzler with unique gameplay users are raving about. Through the beginning of June Gravity Rocks is FREE!!