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The world is gonna end? Use Vot to remind your 50 things to-do before you die!

12-20-2012, 09:51 AM
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The world is gonna end? Use Vot to remind your 50 things to-do before you die!

With VOT, You can create a new to-do in order to help remind yourself what you are going to do in each day. For more convenience, VOT was designed in a simple clean interface to make it easy for you to use. Voice reminder is the highlight of the app. With this feature, You are able to record their own voice as a to-do instead of normal actions like taking a note or typing it on their devices when they are in rush hours or even driving cars.

VOT is easy to use for everyone. The users only just tap on VOT sign, and speak out what you want to remind yourself. Then in the setting mode, we provide many useful options for the users. Auto Stop Record is proper for those who spend most of their time on driving. After you speak out to your device, it will automatically stop and save within 3 seconds, so the users does not need to look on the phone and tap on the record button again. In addition, Alert Time allows the users set the time to alert. After recording a voice to-do and choosing the alert time, this feature will be activated in a specific time such as 3 minutes, 5 minutes depends on how long you select.

Don’t waste your time!! Get it now and complete all your tasks! Vot: Voice To-Dos Free For The Last Time on Earth. (was $1.99)