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The Dark Lord (by WSI Technology) (Unreal Engine 3)

05-21-2013, 04:10 AM
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The Dark Lord (by WSI Technology) (Unreal Engine 3)

An Unreal Engine 3-powered iOS game by WSI Technology - the studio behind Wanderer: War Song - coming soon in 2013.

Product Name: The Dark Lord
Game Type: 3D ARPG
Combat: Real-time
Status: plan to release in March 2013.
Fee: download and Props
Platform: IOS/Android/PC/G&M

Game Introduction

The Dark Lord is developed by Wiishare Technology. It is a cross-platform and next-generation movie-level action game using Unreal Engine 3.

Set in the Chinese classic Journey to the West, the Dark Lord has taken in the design concepts of Diablo III throughout the game. It reverses traditional players’ impression on Journey to the West by integrating both Chinese and western elements into the game.

The Dark Lord supports powerful battlenet and encourages forced PK and fighting among different platforms. It adopts the idea of competition between two teams, and emphasizes the competition between different professions. The design of the Dark Lord emphasizes combat details and close-up shots, and gives players real sense and collimation error effects. The camera will change with the players’ angle and the process of fights, so as to bring a brand new game experience.

The Dark Lord can be played on various platforms, including mobile, IPAD, PC, PSP and next-generation game machine, etc, and fully satisfies the demand of different players.

Game Features
  1. Most advanced next-generation game design: The Dark Lord uses the famous Unreal Engine 3 and can be played on various platforms like mobile terminals(ios/Android), PC, PSP, next-generation game machine and so on. The Dark Lord adopts advanced PC game design concepts, combing film actions and next-generation design concepts, and is an RPG action game totally different from the Endless Sword.
  2. Epic-like pictures: The Dark Lord uses models of high precision and world’s most advanced 3D image processing technology. Based on the description in Journey to the West, the Dark Lord has epic-like scenes which will get you totally immersed in the virtual reality.
  3. Fiery and vivid fighting effects: with the support of Unreal Engine 3, the fighting effects in the Dark Lord, especially the effects of rendering, animation and physical crash are very vivid and lifelike. Besides, the Dark Lord also supports different kinds of combos, which will certainly add to the fun of fighting in the game.
  4. A theme world beyond tradition: The Dark Lord adopts the same design concepts and methods as Diablo II and III. The main storyline is based on Journey to the West, while the system framework and design concepts have referred to the Diablo Series. The unique design of the Dark Lord reverses traditional Asian players’ impression on Journey to the West and brings about a brand-new journey to the West.
Official website: wsitech.com.