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App description: Take control of Patty the cow, after she ruminates on some radioactive feed and MOOtates into an overgrown 50 foot MAD COW!

Tap to squirt gobs of radioactive milk from her bloated udders as she rampages across the peaceful pastures, farms and towns of Muffin Meadows; deMOOlishing everything in her path!

Every play session offers a unique experience! Muffin Meadows is a dynamic and ever-changing locale that will produce different combinations of landscapes, buildings and other obstacles with every play thru! No two play sessions will ever be the same!

Tap the screen to shoot small milk balls at dynamite blocks or to knock out swarming airborne foes! Tap and hold to charge up a huge gob of milk that will pulverize entire sections of buildings making them COWlapse!

Destroy lots of buildings in a row without taking damage to increase the score MOOltiplier! A higher MOOltiplier means everything that gets destroyed will reward Patty with more points!

Gain bonus points for COWlateral damage by destroying buildings parts without ever shooting them directly! Earn deMOOlition Spree points by destroying buildings in quick succession; the more that get destroyed back to back, the bigger the acCOWlade!

Tap and hold the Sprint button to send Patty into a full sprint to avoid falling debris or to launch a large rolling tank off a hill to send it COWreening into other buildings!

Collect coins by shooting them with milk. Give Patty a boost with MOOtations by spending the coins as she rampages!

Add a MOOltishot boost to fire three milk balls instead of one with every tap! Or avoid taking damage for a brief period of time with the IMOOnity shield! Better yet, level an entire screen of buildings with MOOclear Blast! So many MOOtations to play with and use in varying combinations!

Fast paced action with TEATS and EXPLOSIONS! Nuff said.
Built-on-the-fly, never the same, levels with every play thru!
Fun destruction and explosions with real-time physics engine!
Multiple enemies and hazards to shoot and blow up!
Activate over 14 different MOOtations in game to power up Patty!
Never-ending, UDDERly fun, unique gameplay!

Video of Udder Destruction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSulR3Dwb5o&feature=youtu.be

retiredastronaut's comments:
Here's our latest game, Udder Destruction! We had a lot of fun making this one. It's your everyday cow rampaging runner game. It's more amoosing than a barrel of moonkeys.

Coming up the puns was some of the best brainstorming I've ever had making a game. Create Moohem as you demoolish an entire city!

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