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App description: Meet the Zorblobs, an alien race of oblivious , eating machines that have come to our tiny little corner of the universe. Their purpose is simple, feed. They really dont care if they feed on trees, livestock, humans or discarded diapers. Its up to you and your trusty cannon to fight back this braindead alien invasion.

Fight the alien menace over three distinctive worlds, with even more worlds to be added soon. Blast them to oblivion with an assortment of insane weapons like the Love Bomb, Bouncing Betties and WMD x2. Battle ruthless enemies that are almost too cute to kill.

Zorblobs features colorful graphics, wacky enemies, awesome weapons and a truckload of bad humour and bad taste.

The fight for survival has begun.

What are you waiting for? Arm yourself and do your part to preserve human civilization!