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StarLicker - new competitive async multiplayer game - First Trailer

05-28-2013, 04:47 PM
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StarLicker - new competitive async multiplayer game - First Trailer

Hi Everyone,

My team just released the first trailer for StarLicker, a new asynchronous multiplayer iOS game we're working on. It will hit the App Store later this summer, let us know what you think of the trailer.

More about the game:

StarLicker is a turn-based game in which each turn consists of an offense phase and defense phase. On offense, the player designs a bullet pattern to send at his opponent by building up an arrangement of units. On defense, the player protects his units by absorbing as many of the opponent's bullets as possible in a fixed amount of time. The dual nature of each turn creates a compelling contrast of methodical, calculated strategy and frantic, skillful action. It has been described by many as player vs. player tower defense meets bullet hell shoot-em-up.

Inspired by the professional scenes of games like StarCraft, League of Legends, and Street Fighter, the goal was to create a strategic, competitive game that could be played casually (i.e., asynchronously on a mobile device) by players who appreciate competitive gaming experiences typically found on PC and console platforms. The game has been in a closed alpha test period with a small group of testers since early 2013, and will go into a larger closed beta test period in the coming weeks. You can still sign up now on the StarLicker website to be part of the closed beta when it goes live. StarLicker is set to release in open beta later this summer on the iOS App Store, with both shared-device and online, asynchronous modes.
Check out the game's website for more info: http://starlickergame.com

We're really looking forward to your feedback, thanks!

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