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We need more simulatenous multiplayer gameplay

06-29-2009, 04:29 PM
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We need more simulatenous multiplayer gameplay

I'm hoping that developers will start pushing out more multiplayer titles seeing that nowadays everyone and their mother has an iphone or itouch.It's pretty incredible being in a movie theater waiting for the movie to start, and seeing in front of me that 5 or 6 people per row were playing a game from their phone or touch.

..that's besides the point.There are so many titles that can ported or gameplay that can be "duplicated"...

If you are like me, i want to relive some fond mutiplayer memories from previous platforms...notably games like RAMPART, MARIOKART, STARFOX, mini games from the likes of FUSION FRENZY and MARIOPARTY

How about some good multiplayer sportsgames for 2 or 3 people like NHL HITZ

maybe some sort of shared tower defense, or a versus tower defense... or something along the lines of some STARCRAFT UMS games.

I wonder if something like SMASH BROS. would be possible...

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06-29-2009, 04:38 PM
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Originally Posted by dyepbr View Post
I wonder if something like Smash Bros. would be possible...
I wonder if nintendo would sue if cleod9 came out with super smash flash for the ipod. I love that game on the computer.

Back on topic, I guess some big license holders don't think they'll make enough or have their own mobile and are to stupid to release how much more they'd be making on the ipod. (cough cough nintendo cough cough)

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06-29-2009, 04:43 PM
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I think when a big multiplayer game like livefir comes out, and devs see its success, they'll start developing more MP games!

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