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Sensus Touch Case by Canopy?

02-03-2013, 02:11 AM
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Sensus Touch Case by Canopy?

So I recently downloaded Half Inch Heist to see if it was as unplayable as everyone says it is. Well yea you can guess how well that went on my 5g iPod touch.

But then I remembered this. www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2013/01/ces-2013-sensus-iphone-case/

I found the problem with HIH to be that it would have worked best with a technology Apple insisted on killing with the first iPhone, that being the stylus pen. The problem is not so much that I can't see the diamond, it's rather that my own fat fingers are extremely distracting when trying to play the game.

This might absolve the problem for HIH. Can anyone else think of any other game which could benefit from this when this gets to market? Do you think it would be worth buying?