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Heroes of Ascaria (Universal) By IUGO Mobile [Canada]

01-02-2013, 07:46 PM
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Heroes of Ascaria (Universal) By IUGO Mobile [Canada]

iPad Screenshots:
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When the history of Ascaria is written, will YOUR heroes be featured in their pages?

Create and customize an elite group of fantasy heroes and journey with them through a dark and wondrous world of battle, magic and adventure.

The world of Ascaria faces the end of an age – the remains of the Empire are torn by civil war, and the land is broken by the emergence of an old foe that is consuming everything in its path, tainting the world with madness.

In this time of turmoil the nations of Ascaria need brave men and women to do what others cannot: bring light to the darkness, unity to their nation, and peace to the land. The rewards? Glory, riches and immortality.

Would-be heroes are plentiful in Ascaria, but proving your worth by defeating The Rising and bringing glory to your nation will etch your name in the history of Ascaria and immortalize you in legend.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR HEROES: Customize your hired heroes changing their gender, looks, stats, skills, armor and weapons based on your preference.

* Change their faces, hair styles, hair color, skin color and facial hair with thousands of combination possibilities!

* Choose from 8 classes including Warrior, Gunslinger, Magician, Trickster and Fallen with thousands of different skill combinations!

* Equip your heroes with the best armor and equipment. Hundreds of unique weapon and armor pieces to find or purchase in Ascaria!

EXPLORE: From shadowy caves inhabited by a tribe of mystics to indomitable snowy mountains to enchanted forests and bogs: Explore, master and unlock over 20 unforgettable regions!

BATTLE: Test the strength and ingenuity of your heroes by sending them into battle against Craven Cultists, Harpies, Mind Flayers, Dragons and tons of other unique monsters. Each of your heroes has unique skills that can influence and turn the tide of battle!

ADVENTURE: The land of Ascaria provides a near limitless supply of quests, combat, skill challenges and traveling merchants. Every time you explore the lands of Ascaria you’ll turn up something exciting to do!

01-02-2013, 07:59 PM
Nice old school look feel to it so when is US release
01-02-2013, 08:52 PM
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Based on this dev's most recent releases, the presence of IAP coins, and the complete lack of real in-game screenshots... I'm suspicious that this is just another paidmium money sink.

The art style is a nice change though

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01-03-2013, 12:24 AM
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So did anyone dive in yet? I hope this isnt a glorified text based mmo type of game, having no real UI or gameplay screenies.

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