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Akaneiro: Demon Hunters - (by American McGee)

01-04-2013, 02:16 PM
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Akaneiro: Demon Hunters - (by American McGee)

A free to play ARPG with classic design sense meets fast-paced action, inspired by Japanese themes and the Red Riding Hood tale.

Veteran game designer American McGee (Quake, Alice, Grimm) and Spicy Horse (Alice: Madness Returns) are set on delivering players a uniquely enthralling free to play action role-playing experience.
Akaneiro: Demon Hunters will transport you to a world realized in a striking visual style inspired by Japanese ink, watercolor and woodblock illustration. We’ve dug deep into the history and folklore of Japan when designing our scenarios and characters. Mixing this foundation with an original mythology inspired by Red Riding Hood yields a fantastic and inspiring setting for players to explore.
Akaneiro provides players with a free to play ARPG of depth, blended seamlessly with the speed and intensity of a pure action title. Combat is fast and unrelenting, but you can sway the tide with careful selection of abilities and equipment. A multitude of character building paths are available, though we've avoided being overly prescriptive, ensuring you can find the best balance of abilities and equipment for your personal play style.
The game world is separated in to Regions, which represent a quadrant of Yomi Island. Each Region contains several Areas, each presenting a different environment style and introducing new enemy and boss types. An area contains several missions, forming a small story arc.

We want to provide players with an ARPG that doesn't ever end, and doesn't have you waiting around for a year on an expansion that you finish in 2 weeks. After release, we'll strive to push the boundaries of our world further with each passing month.
Akaneiro has been in development since mid 2011. Our Closed Beta has been running since November 2012. Our target platforms are Windows, Mac OS X, Android/iOS Tablet. Both the dedicated PC client & web version will enter open beta in January 2013.

Our closed beta has been met with high-praise from players and press, who've greatly enjoyed the level of immersion and captivating environments we've crafted. We've been responding to beta feedback with weekly patches and have added many new features since our beta commenced.
We’re currently sitting at #3 in the Steam Greenlight Top 100 and response from Steam users has been overwhelmingly positive. Assuming we’re green-lit in the near future, a Steam version will also be available.

We've have managed to take Akaneiro way beyond what we thought originally possible. That has been due to the passion and dedication of a relatively small development team. What's been achieved both artistically and mechanically is fantastic… but it's just not enough to call the game complete, to satisfy our fans or ourselves.
We desperately want the final form of Akaneiro to represent the great amount time and effort that’s gone toward getting it this far. To finish what we've started and present Akaneiro to our players in a truly final state, we need to deliver our promised features to all target platforms.

The problem is we’re out of time and money to do so. That’s where you come in…
We need to raise $200,000 to support our current team of developers in realizing the most complete version the game. Listed below you'll find out what we earnestly believe is necessary for Akaneiro to truly become the game we know it can be.
Your backing will guarantee we can include the following:

The Big Important Additions-

Android and iOS Tablet Version – We’ve done a lot of groundwork earlier in development; but we don’t have the resources for a full port alongside our other work. Backing will ensure we can deliver Akaneiro as a cross-platform experience.
Co-op multiplayer – Join with fellow hunters in real-time to take down the Demon Kings of Yomi. Share the reward and tackle more difficult challenges.
Equipment Crafting System – collect raw materials from fallen enemies and use them to add specific properties to equipment. Apply any properties to any item template, for the perfect blend of stats and aesthetics.
Improved Community Support – Any game, especially an independently developed online game such as Akaneiro, relies on fostering a strong community. We need to add more dedicated community managers to our team.

Other Smaller But Collectively Awesome Features-

“Karma Void” Dungeons - use the crystallized hearts of fallen Yokai to access multi-level dungeons where extra-difficult challenges (and greater rewards) await.
Expanded Narrative elements – more in game dialogue, and special ally characters added to certain missions. Lore items scattered throughout the world that provide further story for each mission and the game overall.
Lockbox Items & Additional Consumables
Hand/Fist Weapon Class and Mastery
Expanded Weapon and Armor varieties.
Additional Spirit Helper Pet varieties.
Further training levels for all Abilities and Masteries.
Mark of Sacrifice – Recover a portion of lost experience by returning to the site of your death. Earn bonuses by finding Marks left by your friends.
Ghosts of Yomi – New “lost spirit” NPCs added to Yomi Village, providing repeatable quests for special item rewards.
Leaderboards – track and compare a large array of progression stats.
Hunting Squads - organize and brand your characters into a single squad unit, sharing profit, items and other benefits.
Akane Trials – Rank-based achievement system with rewards.
Improved Chat System with friends list management, room creation and other social features.
If you believe, as we do, that the game needs these things – then demonstrate your support by backing Akaneiro. Beyond the financial support, the vote of confidence will do wonders for our team morale as we push toward the finish line.

Your hunter is a fresh recruit in the Order of Akane. The Order is a Templar like group of demon hunters who fight to maintain the balance between humanity and Yokai (Japanese folk monsters and demons).

The blood of slain Yokai crystallizes, forming glowing red Karma Shards. The power stored within Karma Shards allows hunters to master almost super-human combat techniques necessary when facing Yokai. They also receive a high level of training in tactics, survival and natural magic. Order members are often referred to as “Red Hunters”.
The Order was founded in Japan, 300 years prior to the events of the game, by the legendary demon hunter and martyr known as The Red Girl - or Akaneiro. Akaneiro was aided by her close companions, the Dark Huntsman and the the Forest Mother. Dubbed "The Three", together they exemplified the tenets and disciplines followed by the Order; maintain the balance between human and demon, light and shadow – walk the shifting line between this world and the other.
The setting is late middle 19th century Japan. The game takes place on the fictional Yomi Island, located north of Hokkaido. The island was the site of a great war between Human and Yokai over 300 years ago. Though defeated then, the Yokai have begun to reemerge. This time, they’re more dangerous – organizing into militarized groups under the leadership of the ambitious and powerful “Demon Kings of Yomi”.
Yomi Island serves as a nexus point for the gathering of karmic energies, used in both natural and demonic magic. The hostile Yokai conquer and control Yomi Island, that they might open a greater rift between worlds. Should they succeed, it will – quite literally – be hell on earth...
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01-04-2013, 03:58 PM
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DUDE !!!! This looks awesome. But kick starter time. i hope is successful, the only thing that's wrong is FREE. and IOS TABLET, so iPad? but no iPhone?

im a rpg loving kind of guy

01-04-2013, 04:13 PM
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OMG this looks Awesome you have my support and my money Guys!

Good luck with the Game and the kickstarter.

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At the current Speed the Game might get the needed among on the last Day
01-04-2013, 04:51 PM
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Dayyyuummm! This looks absolutely stunning. They have my support. Hopefully their kickstarter does well.
01-14-2013, 11:49 AM
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So far so good...

01-14-2013, 11:56 AM
I am playing the Beta, so I have a few comments. Really great visual style, but the game itself is a bit boring. Then consider that it is freemium and you have a painful experience (no IAPs in the Beta just yet).
01-14-2013, 11:58 AM
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Originally Posted by leonard_dabinski View Post
I am playing the Beta, so I have a few comments. Really great visual style, but the game itself is a bit boring. Then consider that it is freemium and you have a painful experience (no IAPs in the Beta just yet).
There is already iAP in the Game. Didn`t you see the Stores in the Village?
01-14-2013, 12:06 PM
Originally Posted by Sanuku View Post
There is already iAP in the Game. Didn`t you see the Stores in the Village?
Ok I didn't look hard enough. Just played 10 mins lol.
01-14-2013, 12:18 PM
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why no support iphone 5?

ipad 2,3 is old devices.